Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stash Report 10/18/15

Whoo-hoo! I get to count stash out this week!
Since I finished the Maple Leaf Star flimsy, I get to count out the sashing and border fabrics. Can't count the blocks, they were BOM kits and I didn't count them in so I can't count them out. See previous post below for pics.

IN this week: 0
OUT this week: 5.5 yds (gold sashing 1-1/4, white sashing 3/4, inner border 1/2, outer border 3)

This offsets the 3 yards of backing I got last week, and I'm still moving in the right direction. I'm hoping for more usage this month. We'll see. I'll tally the totals at the end of the month. Still hoping to break even for the year.

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