Friday, October 30, 2015


On Monday I mentioned that some of my students in my Cut & Shuffle class made extra blocks. I was able to make a few more and set them together at Sew Me STL for a quilt top for our Project Linus drive, due in November.

Voila, it's finished:

I needed batting and I hadn't figured out what I would do for backing, probably cobble something together from stash.  I needed more Kona Bone for another project, so I went to the chain store where I had gotten it before, and found that they had fleece on sale. Backing problem and batting issue solved.

I backed the donation quilt with orange fleece and didn't use any batting at all. I quilted it with the walking foot, using a serpentine stitch over the seams. Enough to hold it together, but still leave it soft and drapey. Yes, I know this technically doesn't meet the definition of a quilt, but for this purpose, who cares? It feels so soft and snuggly, some kid is going to love it!

I really like this and may use this method for kid donation quilts in the future. The cost of the fleece is far less than the cost of batting and backing fabric. And the snuggly, cuddly feeling will be more comforting to kids.

So, a Friday finish this week. Whoo-hoo! I'm linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Crazy Mom Quilts.

Hmm, I like the feel of this, with only the fleece backing and no batting, so much that I think I'll make a lap quilt for my dad for in his wheelchair. I made him a fidget quilt last year, and something like this soft "blankie" might be nice for him.


  1. What a great idea to just use the fleece. I think someone is going to really appreciate the softness of the quilt. Those colors are just perfect for fall, too.

  2. Pretty quilt. Using fleece is great.

  3. I think using fleece is a great option for a quilt that will be given to a child. The snuggle factor alone makes up for the fact that it may not technically be a quilt by today's definitions.

  4. Fleece is a wonderful option for the back of quilts that are for use, not display. As you say, much cheaper than batting and backing and a very cuddly end result. I've been using fleece and no batting for years and have never had a problem quilting it on my ordinary machine, even with free motion designs. Who cares if technically it isn't a quilt! Regards, Susan

  5. It looks super snugly. What a great idea.

  6. Love the bright orange backing. Bright and snuggly,there's not a better combo for kids. Congrats on the finish.