Monday, November 9, 2015

Designing Stockings

Not on my design wall, but on my worktable:

I need to make new stockings for us this year. Four for at my house, and one special one for baby CJ. The fabric above is for the special one. Today I'm working on the pattern, and later today I'll meet with the embroiderer to get the names embroidered on the cuffs. I need to develop the cuff pattern piece so I can give it to her for embroidery placement.

This stocking will have the snowman print fabric quilted to red fleece for the front, with maybe the red chevron print at the toe if the height of my yardage is a little short. The back of the stocking will also be red fleece. The cuff will be white fleece with red embroidery. I'll serge the whole thing together. I was thinking of binding it around the outside edges, but I don't know if it needs binding, or how that will affect the cuff attachment. I'll add a loop for hanging it at the upper right.

The four matching stockings for at my house will probably be made using several traditional prints, with strips sewn sew-and-flip style. Same red fleece backs and same white cuffs with red embroidery. I can use the same basic pattern for all of them. Here are the fabrics I have so far, plus the small red snowman print above, and I may collect a couple more prints. I want to vary the stockings a little so each one is unique but it's clear that they're all a set. Have you noticed that many of the Christmas prints are very large in scale this year? These are some of the smallest ones I've found so far.

I'm linking up with Patchwork Times. What are you designing this week?

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  1. Hope you were able to make some progress on your stockings. I think I'm in denial about Christmas at this point. Maybe I'll deal better after Thanksgiving.