Monday, November 23, 2015

Have-To Sewing vs Want-To Sewing

Some of the have-to sewing is done: I finished the Christmas stockings. More deadline sewing and/or not fun sewing is on tap for this week.

Next up, a "blankie" for my dad. If you've read my blog for awhile, you know he has very advanced dementia and he's pretty frail. He also can't hear and has macular degeneration so he can't see very well either. He is cared for at a home in Arizona. Touch and texture, as well as non-frustrating activities to occupy his hands, are important for him now.

I'm making him a lap blankie, pieced on one side but soft fleece on the other. No batting so it will be soft and drapey enough for him to roll or fold. It'll finish about 32 x 36", just lap size and won't get hung up in his wheelchair. The top is pieced and on my design wall. My goal for this week is to get it quilted and bound. I may use satin blanket binding for it, just to add some additional texture. It needs to be durable because it'll probably have to get washed every week.
Top for Dad's Blankie

Have you heard of Baby Paper? Basically it's two layers of flannel fabric with crinkly cellophane in between. Baby CJ loved it when he was here last week. I may sandwich some cellophane behind a couple of the blocks in dad's blankie, just for a surprise difference in texture, but I have to get some cellophane and wash test it first.

Also on the have-to sewing list this week: hem pants. Sigh. I'm short and the story of my life is hemming everything. I recently got some new pants and I need to get them hemmed; they're not doing me any good just hanging on the closet door.

So, if I get all the have-to sewing done this week, maybe I'll be able to get back to the fun stuff next week.

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  1. I definitely understand the feeling of have-to sewing. I am grateful that I don't have to do much garment mending or else I might lose all my sewjo; there is nothing like letting one needed task keep you from doing anything. So I hope you can conquer your list and get back to fun sewing soon, too.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I made a similar comforter for a friend's father which has been helpful and also became a talking point. But it doesn't take away the sadness of seeing someone you love deteriorate in this way.

  3. I love the looks of your dad's quilt, nice and masculine. I'm interested how your cellophane test works out. Good luck with the have-to sewing.

  4. My Dad had Alzheimer's and he enjoyed his blanket my sister made him. It's amazing how much it helped him to have it to pick at. Sorry about your Dad. The blankie you are making him looks so nice - I love the masculine look of it. If I had to hem my pants it would not be pretty! I'd probably just run around tripping over my long pants! :)

  5. Sounds like a very useful and soothing lap quilt for your Dad. Hope you can get all your have to sewing done so you can get back to the fun stuff.