Monday, November 30, 2015

Texture Quilt for CJ, Need Your Input

When 9 month old grandson CJ was visiting a couple weeks ago, he was quite taken with my 30-Something quilt. This is the sofa quilt that I use, and we put it on the floor for him to play on. He kept crawling from the center to the outside edges and patting the circles. There was just something fascinating about those circles, and he repeatedly patted them.

So I'm making a new quilt for CJ for Christmas, a small one he'll be able to drag around with him. High contrast teal and white squares, and orange fleece dots around the edges.
Fabrics for CJ's Quilt
Here's the plan, which will finish at 30" square.
EQ7 Plan for CJ's Quilt
So far I have the blocks started, and here's how they look on my design wall this morning:
Design Wall 11/30/2015

Next up, I need to applique circles of fleece to the outside plain squares.

CJ was also fascinated with crinkly Baby Paper. My original plan was to put pieces of cellophane behind a couple of the plain squares, and maybe behind one of the dots, for added crinkly texture.

DH thinks I should not put the cellophane in. He thinks the crinkly noise might keep CJ awake when he should be sleeping.

So, your opinion please: Crinkly or quiet?

For the backing I have teal minkee, for even more texture. What kind of batting do you recommend with minkee? I want something as soft and drapey as possible, but I need something to keep the teal minkee from showing through the front, so I don't want to omit batting altogether. I'm thinking of using a flannel sheet. What do you recommend?

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  1. Wow, out of my depth of experience here completely! Good luck figuring out the just right combination, and I am sure CJ is going to love whatever you make him.

  2. I think a couple of crinkles would be fun. I'm sure there are enough other outside noises (the furnace or a/c fan, for example, or someone flushes a toilet or runs water in the sink) that he won't be too distracted.

  3. The baby I sit for is too tiny for a blanket, so I only vote no because she rubs her crinkly teething book constantly. If i pick it up, she turns her head to see it. By maybe she is more noise sensitive than others.

  4. What a fun quilt for your grandson! I would think a little crinkly would be fine, but mine were such heavy sleepers. If it bothers him, could it be a play mat and not a sleep quilt?

  5. This is a fantastic idea for the baby! He'll love it. I think the crinkly would add a touch of fun.

  6. I say put the crinkly paper won't bother him and will definitely be more interesting :)

  7. yes to the crinkles!! i say this with three kids, 4 yrs, 3 yrs and 6 weeks old :)

  8. I'd say yes to the crinkly too. Some kids like a familiar noise to lull them to sleep. Sorry no help on the batting for use with the minky. Outside my range of experience.

  9. I love the story of his reaction to the 30 something quilt! If you want it to be more of a cuddle quilt I wouldn't add the crinkly. He can always play with a crinkly toy of top. When I quilt with minky my favorite batting is Warm and White. It helps stabilize the quilt during quilting and softens up in the wash. I have also used Hobbs 80/20, but it is slightly harder to use during quilting. My best minky experiences are with those two battings. I had a much harder time with polyester batting. I'm not sure you can completely keep the fibers from working up through the quilt. One thing I sometimes do is match my quilting thread to the color of the minky. Then when the fibers come up it isn't so noticeable. But even when I had red minky with cream thread and cream fabric you have to look closely to see the red peeking through. Totally worth the drawback with such cuddly fabric.