Monday, November 2, 2015

Antler Dance: A Finished Flimsy, and Questions for Readers

I was able to get Antler Dance finished to a flimsy so I could count out the fabric used in my October stash report. Yay! Here it is on my design wall. I'm hoping to get some better photos this week.
Antler Dance Flimsy on the Design Wall

Not sure when I'll get this quilted, probably not until after January 1st. The plan is to spiral quilt it using the walking foot, starting from the center. At 72" square, this is as big as I can manage to spiral quilt on my domestic machine.

Now, I have a few questions for you. I've been invited to give a trunk show and talk about my book Cut and Shuffle Quilts to a local quilt guild next week. In addition to the book quilts, I also have patterns and their quilts to show. I also have other quilts, some older, some that - looking back - I can see are precursors to what I developed for the book or for patterns. You can see many of them in the Gallery tab above.  
  • What do you like quilters to talk about when they give a trunk show?
  • Chronological order? Or book quilts first, then backtrack and show everything else?
  • Should I include current WIPs that are finished flimsies but not quilted? (Includes the flying geese project and the two QF BOM tops that were finished in Sept.  & Oct.)
  • What question would you ask the quilter giving the trunk show?
  • I keep a quilt journal; should I show it?

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  1. Wow, you're doing a lot of thinking :) I like chronological order but it's okay to give a quick here's where I am and then step back and go chronologically to get to the "here's where I am" place. I'd only include the flimsies if you feel you need more material but that's only because handling flimsies a lot isn't good for them, not because I think they aren't good to show. A question I might ask is, "What's next?" Seems like I hear, "What batting do you prefer?" a lot. I always like it when the presenter speaks with passion and shares a bit of themselves. In your case, sharing that you where a colorist in the fashion industry and how that translates to quilting would be interesting.

  2. I agree with Cherie. Maybe have one of your "today" quilts hanging as a backdrop, then go back to the beginning. I always like to hear how I designer got to where they are now. Throw in some funny situations, some things that didn't work, perhaps. You'll do well and I wish I could be a fly on the wall!

  3. You made pretty quick work of Antler Dance. I've actually never been to a trunk show, so I'm no help there. But the presentation training they gave us at work said to tell order the presentation like a story with a preview of whats in store, then have a beginning, middle and end. If appropriate "coming attractions" can be added.

  4. I really think the order is a matter of personal preference. I have been to shows where they only showed quilts from the book and others where they went chronologically. I would think about what you want to emphasize.

  5. Antler Dance looks great! I've never been to a trunk show but I think it doesn't matter what the order of things is, as long as there's a narrative to it. I do know I would definitely want to see your quilt journal.