Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Do you label your quilts? I do. But it's not my favorite part of the process. I print my labels using the special treated fabric sheets that can go through my printer. The material is stiff, much too difficult for my sore hands to hand stitch through. So labeling the quilts I'm giving for Christmas is something I've been procrastinating about.

But I persevered and I got them all done!

Binding the label with one ply of quilting cotton creates a softer edge to hand-stitch through. Much easier on my hands! Setting the label into the binding, in the corner, results in a smaller amount of hand stitching needed, too. I just have to remember to have the label already prepped, and to insert it when I'm doing the binding.

My labels always include the name of the quilt, the year finished, my name, and my city & state. Custom long arm quilted quilts, where the quilting is designed by the quilter, get the name of the quilter also. *

How do you label your quilts and what info do you include?

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* All of my quilts are documented in page protectors in binders. Those that are long-armed with a panto have the quilter's name, panto name, and usually the work order or receipt in the sleeve for that quilt.


  1. I am getting better about labeling my quilts. Your method of adding binding around your label sounds like a great solution for avoiding working with such thick and stiff fabric.

  2. Hmmmmm! To be honest I forget to label more than remember, probably because my quilts are all for family and friends, doesn't seem that important then. I have resolved to do it more often though, especially when I see your labels, lovely. I especially like how you put it diagonal over the corner.

  3. I am with you about labeling....not my favorite. However, I wish that labeling had been something that our quilting ancestors did more frequently. The many antique quilts I have admired could perhaps be researched better with a name.

  4. I usually label all my quilts and afghans with "Made especially for...., By.......," the date and a Scripture reference. I used to hand embroider them, but now I use my embroidery machine. Then I hand stitch them onto the quilt. I wonder, however, about the embroidery floss I use when I hand embroider the label. I've been told it doesn't last on quilts. :)

  5. I love putting labels in the corner of quilts with the binding.

  6. Labeling isn't my favorite thing either, but since I've started putting them in the corner, it's not so bad. I include most of the same information you do on the labels. I also have a notebook with all the associated paperwork from a given quilt.