Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Helping Mom

A Guest Post from Murphy

Mom is doing that thing on the floor in the dining room again. She moved all the furniture out and she left the gate open. I wonder what's in there? She never lets me in the dining room.

She hasn't chased me out yet, maybe I can sneak in and see what she's doing.

It has something to do with fabric and batting and pins. She's crawling around on the floor....

Mom's on the floor! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, lap time!!!  Mom and Dad only let me sit on their laps when they're on the floor. She's on the floor so she's mine!!!
I can sit here while she does whatever with those pin things. She sure isn't making much of a lap for me, but she has to reach over me for her pins, so I get extra hugs in the process.

Oh, mom doesn't want me in her lap now after all. Sigh.

Maybe if I just stay here on the wood, not the carpet, mom will at least let me stay on this side of the gate. In her lap would be better, but at least I can stay here nearby.

Do you think my ears are big? Mom thinks they're huge. I'm 13 months old now, and I still haven't grown into my ears. That's okay, they make me cute.

Mom finished up whatever she was doing with those pins and carried the whole fabric thing up the stairs. Dad says her sewing room is up there. I'm not allowed up there so I don't know.... Mom will show us that fabric thing later, when she's done with whatever she does to it in the sewing room.


  1. Yes, Murphy, your ears ARE big! You've grown so much; at least they don't drag the floor now.

  2. So very very cute you are!! ha ha - just don't mess up moms plans ;-)

  3. Murphy's ears are cute, as are the large, fluffy feet! My cat certainly relates to the "oh boy, you're on the floor, you're mine!" thoughts as well. :)

  4. Super fun post - and what CUTE ears you have, Murphy!

  5. Yah, Murphy for a new adventure! I love your ears. I like to think of them is beautiful long pony tails :)

  6. Is he a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

  7. Yes, Murphy, mom is lucky to have such a cute helper! Your ears look perfect to me.❤️

  8. Well, Murphy, your ears may be big, but they just enhance your cuteness. I am glad you didn't get poked by those pins.

  9. Hi Jan,
    Oh, I love Murphy. Poor puppy, being ignored for pins and fabric is the worst. :( I am sure Mom will make it up to you . . . sooner than later. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. They definitely do make you cute - big ears, I fall for them everytime!