Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cherie's Block

My friend Cherie saw a block somewhere that she likes, so I helped her figure out how to make it. Here's my version, 15" square.

This was not an easy block to make, mostly because the fabrics are soft shirtings, many times washed, and I didn't use starch. Lots of bias in this block, and very stretchy fabrics!

I don't usually use starch. Fabric is very forgiving of minor seam inconsistencies, etc. if you don't starch the heck out of it. Cherie uses starch a lot, but she works with shirtings a lot too, so now I understand her love of starch. She finds shirtings at local thrift stores and has quite a collection to work from, which is why I made the test block for her in shirtings.

Do you use starch? Any recommendations? Do you use it only for prewashed fabrics that no longer have their original sizing, or do you use it on new fabrics too?

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  1. Wow, I can see how this was a challenge, but the stripes and plaids look wonderful, so definitely worth the labor! I don't use starch (or starch alternatives). They make me sneeze and I'm messy with them. But today I was just wondering whether I should use some for some blocks I want to send away. The backs of my blocks are always so thready when I'm finished with them and it's embarrassing to have someone else see what I can conceal inside a quilt. Since you don't usually use starch, do you have the same problem I have, or do you have a secret for keeping the blocks neat? I'll be looking forward to seeing what others have to say about starch or not starch, too.

  2. A very fun block. Love the colors and patterns in it. I don't like to starch, I'll paper piece if possible rather than starch.

  3. I use the faultless premium starch--does not (so far--I've used it a lot) leave a build up of burnt starch on my iron sole plate nor does it leave flakes on dark fabrics. I, too, use shirts for many quilts, so I like restoring the stiffness in them in order to work with them. LOVE this block with its color and pattern contrasts!

  4. I use Purex Sta-Flo starch. I purchase a 1/2 gallon at Walmart. I dilute this with water and put it in a spray bottle. My standard is 1 cup Sta-Flo to 1 cup water. But, depending on the fabric or the project, I dilute more or less. Lately, I'll spray a FQ, roll it up and put in a plastic bag for an hour or even overnight. When I open it up to iron it dry, the starch has penetrated the FQ evenly. I iron on another piece of fabric I also want to starch--2-for-1 starching plus protects my ironing board. Starching definitely takes the stretch out of repurposed flannel.