Wednesday, February 13, 2019

February Color BOM for STLMQG

This year STLMQG's color BOM challenge is to pick one "spoke" of the color wheel and use only that color, neutrals, and possibly one accent color for all nine months of the challenge. Each month the challenge features a different skill or theme. This month the theme is Triangles. My color is yellow-green.

This month I played with value, ranging my yellow-greens from light to dark and my neutrals from dark to light. I'm using only black & white prints, of all densities and values, for my neutrals.

My block for this month is 12" finished; here it is with some small Economy blocks that I'll use as fillers when I put this whole top together later.

January's theme was nine patch, so my new block will join my Card Trick block and await future developments.

I wonder what next month's theme will be?


  1. Interesting challenge - you are off to a great start!

  2. Very cool challenge. Wonder what color others have chosen.

  3. I like this challenge. It's a very interesting take on a color challenge, playing with value and shades.

  4. You got your values graded just perfectly! It isn't always easy, especially with black and white prints. It's a cool block, too :)