Friday, February 1, 2019

The Red Project - FebruaryUpdate

The goal for this month was to get the checkerboard borders added to the sides. Here's the top on my design wall with the new borders added:
It's too wide now to fit on the wall so it's folded so just the side edges are showing.

The goal for next month will be to get the top and bottom checkerboard borders added.

In other accomplishments, I finally finished the puzzle. It was 2000 pieces of frustration, but very satisfying to have persevered and completed it. Now that it's done, I can move the dining room table out and baste Mercyful Plus on the floor in there.

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  1. Yay on finishing the puzzle. I kinda like the folded design of the red project!

  2. I'm with Libby. I thought you decided to change your design of this quilt when I saw the photo. Love the borders! It's coming together.

  3. The border look so great - good luck !

  4. I have been having computer issues and haven’t been able to comment! Your borders look great! I was glad to see you finally finished that puzzle! I love doing puzzles but usually don’t because I get obsessed with getting it done! Glad to see you are coming along on that pickle dish quilt! I think it’s wonderful you and Kevin the Quilter live close enough to quilt together!

  5. Looking good! Congrats on finishing off the puzzle. Hope the basting and quilting goes well.

  6. Two great accomplishments! I'm glad that you perservered with the puzzle - looks like a shoe shop?