Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Off the Wall

Now that the puzzle is no longer occupying the dining table, I moved the table out to layer and baste Mercyful Plus. This top has been on my design wall for weeks, waiting....

And now I can pin baste it and get it ready to quilt. I'm hoping to get it finished this month so I can send it to Bernie at Needle & Foot. It was inspired by this Blogger Bundle I won from her in November, curated by Sandra from MMM Quilts.

This is so not my usual colors, but I like it, and I hope the eventual recipient family does too.

Meanwhile, as long as the dining room floor space is available, I may baste another quilt. Or maybe a couple more, if I have enough pins. It'll be nice to have them ready to go when I'm in the mood for quilting, and not have to wait to get them layered and basted.