Monday, February 11, 2019

Quilting Pickle Dish

Slowly but surely it's coming along. The arcs and rings are all finished.

Now what's left is to stipple the background. This is a pretty good size quilt and wrestling it under my domestic machine is a real effort. Wish me luck!

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  1. It's coming along nicely! Good luck!:)

  2. You are making great progress! For me, the tough part at this stage is taking enough breaks to be easy on my shoulders. When it's close to a finish I get excited to see it through.

  3. I have loved watching the progress on your pickle dish. I like how the colors play with the background. So great to see that you have only a little quilting left to complete it!

  4. It looks great Jan! Good luck with the stippling! You need to celebrate after this quilt is finished!

  5. I had my doubts when you picked the dark background, but it has grown on me and I think you make the right decision. I still can't see this quilt without thinking about your DH's Charlie Brown comment!

  6. You've made a lot of progress on the quilting. Good luck with the rest, hopefully it's not as cumbersome since the center blocks are all quilted.