Wednesday, February 27, 2019

February Recap

Wow, it's been a productive month. The wintry weather keeping me indoors, plus the fact that I wasn't distracted by a ginormous jigsaw puzzle like I was in January, allowed me to spend lots of time in the sewing room. I think I hibernated in there all month!

Although unplanned, February turned out to be a month of building new skills. I embraced string piecing from Kevin the Quilter's class and his pattern "Goodnight, Darleen!"  I'm still not sure string piecing's my thing, but it's another technique I can add to my repertoire. I also attempted and sort of succeeded at free-motion quilting spiral motifs in blocks. They're not perfect, but I'm confident enough to attempt them again.

All that sewing used up some stash, and my yardage out looks good this month. However, the LQS had another FQ sale, 5 FQs for $5 or $1.09 each, and once again I got sucked in. My guild had our annual Fabric Swap - very popular! - and I couldn't resist a few pieces of new-to-me fabric from the swap.

February Stash Report:
IN this month: 12-1/8 yards  (FQ Sale, 6-1/4 yards. CSQ Fabric Swap, 5-7/8 yards.)
OUT this month: 18 yards (1/2 yard batiks given to Jeanne;  5/8 yard moose panel given to Margaret;  5-1/4 yards for "Goodnight, Darleen!" flimsy; 1/2 yard binding for Mercyful Plus; 11-1/8 yards to CSQ Fabric Swap)

IN YTD: 21-7/8 yards
OUT YTD: 27-3/8 yards
YTD Net Change: 5.5 yards out

The goal for the year is to break even, so now I have a little wiggle room. No guilt about buying those fat quarters!

"Goodnight, Darleen!" flimsy

Goals update: 
February recap:
1. Layer, baste, quilt and bind Mercyful Plus. DONE
2. Add top and bottom checkerboard border to the Red Project. DONE
3. Prep Roman Road and send to Sandy for quilting. DONE
4. Layer, baste, quilt and bind Paddington Bear baby quilt. DONE
5. Prep for class with Quilt Diva Julie on March 1st. Yes, got my strips cut and my scraps packed. Unfortunately the class has been cancelled.
6. Continue quilting Pickle Dish. Yes, finished quilting the arcs and rings.
7. Continue string piecing "Goodnight, Darleen!" from Kevin's class. DONE - Flimsy complete! 
8. Hand stitch on WIGSP Piecing Group project.  YES! Stitched one row partially on this month. 
9. Keep up with bee blocks & BOMs. DONE
Paddington Bear baby quilt for Operation Shower

Mercyful Plus

March Goals: 
1. Make backing, layer, baste, quilt and bind "Goodnight, Darleen!"
2. Work on STLMQG challenge project, "No Excuses!"
3. Send "Mercyful Plus" to Bernie at Needle & Foot
4. Work on quilting Pickle Dish
5. Add 3rd border to Red Project, all four sides
6. Plan and start piecing a new donation quilt
7. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project
8. Keep up with Bee blocks and BOMs
9. Look through UFOs and select next project to work on.

STLMQG Color BOM, February Theme = Triangles

I hope March will be a productive month, too. Wish me luck!


  1. With 3 "extra" days in March it's a sure bet you will be productive! By March's end we will wonder how we got through February with less days. LOL

  2. SO sorry the workshop had to be cancelled - but it couldn't be helped. If you have ANY questions after you get the link I asked Kevin to send out, please let me know.

  3. It's amazing how much sewing can happen when the weather is lousy, isn't it? My DH is taking an intensive 2-week class starting next week and I expect to get a ton of stitching done :)