Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April Stash Report and Goals Update

Let's just call April a not-much-sewing and non-blogging month, okay? I had lots of other stuff going on and didn't spend much time in the sewing room. And the time I did spend in there was mostly spent working on projects I can't show here yet.

On the other hand, April was a big stash acquisition month, as I knew it would be, with the Paducah quilt show and related adventures. I had a specific list of things I was looking for, and with only a couple of exceptions, I stuck to my list.

April Stash Report: 
IN this month: 34-7/8 yards (STLMQG - 1 yard.  Paducah shopping, 33-7/8 yards)
OUT this month: 4-7/8 yards (No Excuses top, 2-3/4 yards; Backing, 1-3/4 yards; Binding, 3/8 yard)

IN YTD: 56-3/4 yards
OUT YTD: 45-3/4 yards
YTD Net change: 11 yards IN

Among my purchases in Paducah were additional fabrics for the Color Wheel Spoke BOM project at STLMQG. My color is Yellow-Green, and I can use any shade from palest Chartreuse to deepest Olive, as long as they're all on the same "spoke" of the color wheel.

A collaborative project with friends will need some corals as the accent color, and we agreed on a shade that's not too pink, not too orange. I found some to add variety.

Mostly what I was shopping for was border and backing fabric for my Red Project. I really wanted a large paisley on a deep red ground. I didn't find what I was looking for. After hours of scouring the shops, I settled on a William Morris border print. Still 19th century-inspired, right? I don't know if I like it or if I want to keep searching. I bought extra length so I can miter the corners and hopefully match the pattern. The things I don't like about it are that it reads lighter than I intended, and it has an overall "blurry" quality, whereas all the other fabrics in this project have crisply defined prints.

For backing I wanted a red toile print on a tan background. No luck. I found something at Hancock's that could work and is in keeping with the style of prints used in the top. 10 yards.

Then at a different shop later I found something slightly more toile-like. By then I had purchased the Wm Morris print for the border, and I knew this print would better complement that. Another 10 yards.

I also picked up a couple of remnants for donation quilt backs, and then my shopping budget was done.

The only outgoing yardage this month was used for my "No Excuses" challenge project for STLMQG. The reveal is on May 11, so I can't show it until then. Soon! Suffice it to say, I'm pleased with how it turned out, it's very modern for me, and I had fun with it.

Goals Update: 
April Goals Recap:
1. Work on STLMQG challenge project, "No Excuses!"  DONE, quilt is finished.
2. Work on confidential collaboration project. Yes, Spent several hours working on it but still have more to go until it's ready for the next group meeting. My part is drafting the pattern.
3. Quilt and finish the 2nd Pup Print quilt. Not done.
4. Make shopping list with swatches for Paducah, and have fun in Paducah. YES!!!
5. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project. Not touched.
6. Keep up with Bee blocks and BOMs. DONE

Other: Pulled fabrics and cut a Plus donation quilt and started piecing.

The only finish I have to show now for April is my Color Spoke BOM block. Hopefully May will be a more productive month.

May Goals:
1. Put hanging sleeves on the two quilts I'm entering in STLMQG's show and turn them in at the meeting on the 11th.
2. Work on the collaboration project to the point where we can get together again.
3. Mail out Hands2Help quilts.
4. Finish a donation quilt, either Pup 2 or Mineral Plus.
5. Decide what to do about borders for the Red Project.
6. Keep up with bee blocks and BOMs.
7. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project.

I hope I can get back to focusing on my sewing projects and making progress on them this month.

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  1. I love that you had FUN in Paducah . . . that is what we're supposed to do. Good luck with the goals for this month.