Monday, May 6, 2019

Miscellaneous STLMQG and Other Quilty Stuff

I got my STLMQG monthly color block done. My color is Yellow-Green and this month's theme is Half Square Triangles. It's due Saturday. 

Also due Saturday, my entry into STLMQG's " No Excuses" challenge using at least one piece from the mini-charm pack provided. Done and ready to go, but I can't show the whole thing yet. 

In addition to the color BOM and the "No Excuses" challenge, entries for the quilt show we'll be having in July are due. (Show info here if you're interested.) I'm entering in the Bee category and the "No Excuses" Challenge category, so I had to put sleeves on the quilts that I'm entering. I had some narrow strips of muslin so I cobbled them together for sleeves, 

Remember the Snake quilt QOV my friends and I pieced awhile back? Cherie got it quilted and passed it to me over the weekend. I'll bind it so we can present it to our veteran in June. 

She quilted stars in it! I'll take pics of the whole thing after it's bound and finished. 

My design wall is still filled with my Mineral Plus donation quilt in progress. The patches are sewn into rows and the bottom seven rows have been joined together. I don't know whether I'll make the deadline for Hands2Help with this one or not, but I have two others to send so I'll finish this one and send it later if I have to. 

My deadline stuff due Saturday is done, so I need to figure out what to work on this week. My sewing room is such a mess with so many WIPs, fabric purchases, project bags, etc. that it's stressing me out. I think the first thing I need to do is put away what I don't need right now, and clean up so it doesn't look like piles of chaos in there. Sounds like a good starting point! Then I can prioritize what's most important or urgent, and focus on that. 

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  1. Getting everything tidied up sounds like a great starting point to me; it's what I would need to do, too. Congratulations on getting all your deadlines for Saturday complete so that you have time to do more things this week without stress. I love the stars quilted on the QOV quilt.

  2. Your projects are all so appealing! I'm especially drawn to your lovely low volume neutrals in the No Excuses challenge :)

  3. Every time I see a plus quilt I still am drawn in by it! Why oh why do we let our sewing rooms get so messy-right there with you on that one. I did clean up one area on Saturday and felt better about it. Working on another this week. But it's getting hard to find space for everything...that should tell me something right!

  4. Wonderful stuff going on in your sewing room! Thanks for sharing with Moving it Forward!

  5. Your HST challenge block turned out beautifully. I did the clean up the studio, put up projects not in progress last weekend. It's been so much easier to concentrate on the in progress projects.

  6. Love the quilting on the "Snake" QOV - it adds in another dimension of American pride. Really like the Mineral Plus quilt too - it reminded me that I have a Plus quilt cut out too - it's going to be a donation quilt, and, if I get going on it, I can still finish it for Hands2Help!