Friday, May 24, 2019

Mineral Plus Flimsy

A finished flimsy, about 58" x 77". 

The palette reminds me of the colors of minerals and metals.
Although it looks mostly grey, there are subtle shades of
bronze and copper, iron, aluminum, amber, marble, 
granite, alabaster, obsidian, onyx, and pewter.  

Nice and masculine. 

This will eventually get quilted and finished for a donation quilt, 
although it won't make the deadline for Hands2Help


  1. That's going to be an AWESOME quilt when it's completed!! Almost there...

  2. Whoever receives this will be so lucky, no matter what time of year! Gorgeous fabrics.

  3. I finished two plus quilts myself! I love it! two thumbs up!

  4. Looks great! I made a plus quilt for my daughter's wedding. Went together great! I love your color choice!