Monday, May 20, 2019

What's on my Design Wall: Yellow-Green Blocks

As I've mentioned before, STLMQG has an ongoing BOM in which we each use only one spoke of the color wheel, and make blocks according to the theme or skill announced each month. My color is Yellow-Green.

You know how sometimes leader-enders take on a life of their own and become a full-blown project? Yeah, my color BOM project is starting to do that, too. Each month in addition to the featured block(s) I've been making some filler units. The whole thing will end up like a puzzle quilt, a la Jen Kingwell.

Here are all the blocks and parts I have so far, just stuck on the wall, definitely not the actual placement.

A total eyesore so far, but there's at least 5 more months to go of monthly block assignments so we'll see how this ends up.

I have a half-yard of a bold black and white stripe that I'm thinking of using for some filler strips. Or maybe I should save it for the binding? I'll also add filler strips of some of the prints used in the blocks.

Since the beginning, I've planned on having some black and white parts for fillers, so I've made some four patches for checkerboard strips and some flying geese. But as I look at this, I wonder if the contrast is too stark? Some of Jen Kingwell's quilts seem to feature less contrast. Or maybe I just need more B+W parts, and need to space out the other stuff more so it's not all crowded together. What do you think? Comments and input welcome.

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  1. I like the black/white contrast. Just a hint of gray (or b/w that blends to gray) adds interest. (I am a sucker for lime/yellow-green!)

  2. I don't think it's an eyesore... it's a lovely collection of blocks! It will be a fabulous sampler quilt!

  3. It's funny because you'd think I'd like the a la Jen Kingwell look because I love scrappy but I usually don't care for them much. While I love your colors, including the b/w, I'm going to agree it's an eyesore right now.

  4. Eyesore? I think not. It's going to make an AWESOME quilt!!

  5. It's not an eyesore at all, it looks wonderful.

  6. I would use that black and white stripe both in the quilt and as the binding. Perhaps a tiny splash of red of turquoise just for contrast in a few places. Or not! It's a lovely quilt so far.

  7. At this point I don't think the B/W is too much contrast. But what about an aubergine which is somewhat the complement of yellow green?

  8. The true black/white does to me (in the photos on my monitor) seem a tad harsh. I like the grayed blacks better from my vantage point. I totally get your concept - but you don't have enough pieces/parts to work with yet so just keep stitching and see where it goes.

  9. I love these blocks! I'd love to see what they look like with some larger filler pieces of the yellow-green fabrics. A few bits of solid-reading would give my eye a place to pause. Gray works well for that, too.