Friday, May 17, 2019

The Snake Quilt

Updated to include link to tutorial for making the snake blocks.

Remember a couple of years ago, some friends and I got together to make a snake quilt?
Cherie, Kevin, and Dar, with me in front

It's now quilted, bound, labeled, and finished.

This whole project started when Cherie spotted a vintage snake quilt in the window of an antique shop in Paducah in April 2016. I drafted the pattern for her. One thing led to another, and it grew into a group project with Kevin and Dar; we all got together at Kevin's Quilt Cave a few times to piece the blocks and make the top. It was always intended to be a Quilt of Valor, and we used a scrappy combination of fabrics from all our stashes. It was a challenging project for all of us.

Fast forward, and Cherie was able to quilt it. She quilted stars into it in keeping with its purpose as a QOV.

I found the perfect star spangled backing fabric for it. And someone had a nice navy print with red and white in it, perfect for the binding.

We have a veteran in mind to present this QOV to, my SIL's father-in-law who served in the Navy. We're hoping to present it in June. He's in his late 80's so it's about time he gets a QOV.

This has been such an enjoyable and satisfying project in so many ways. The challenge of creating the pattern and the templates, learning to paper piece the arcs, sewing the curved seams in the blocks. But the very best thing about this whole project has been collaborating with friends and getting together for sew days with them. I'm beyond pleased with how it turned out.
Snake Quilt, QOV, 60" x 80"

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  1. Beautiful quilt! It does look complicated!

  2. And the pictures just don't do it justice! It's really fabulous in person if I do say so myself ;-) We done good!

  3. The quilt is awesome and the fact that y'all did this together is even better. What's next? (grin)

  4. What a gorgeous QOV! The curves line up perfectly. You had an awesome group of quilters to accomplish that. I love the stars and stipple. Thanks also to your SIL's FIL for serving.

  5. What a beautiful quilt! I'm so glad it will honor your in-law's father.

  6. Lovely as it is, I don't think I could sleep easy under a snake quilt :).

  7. This quilt is beautiful, and I'm sure your sister in law's father in law will love it. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  8. I love this snake quilt! I've always wanted to try one myself. What a great blog you have

  9. I love this design and especially well suited for a Quilt of Valor. Well done ladies.

  10. Super teamwork! Very, very cool quilt!

  11. This is stunning! I love the design and it works great in patriotic colors.

  12. Beautiful finish, I love the colors and the design!