Monday, November 18, 2019

Deadlines and Commitments

It seems like I have a lot of pressing deadlines, including:

  • Prep WIGSP kits to hand out at December Piecing Group. Deadline 12/2
  • Bind and photograph Checkerboards and Dresdens quilt, enter into spring Paducah AQS show. Deadline 12/5
  • Plan and work on Secret Sister gift for Sew Bee It. Deadline 12/13
The biggest one is getting the checkerboard quilt entered into the AQS show. However, it needs to be trimmed and bound, and for that I have to clear off the table in the sewing room so I can trim it. 

In order to clear off the table, I have to move the parts for WIGSP to somewhere else. Okay, deep breath, there's plenty of time if I just plan and organize this and focus on one step at a time. 

Here's the progress with the WISGP parts. I need 396 of them, actually more so I can distribute the colors and values. 

Just to make sure I've got enough of the right values, here they are in greyscale.

Since these are being added to the top of the already-pieced portion, I need to make sure the prints and values flow so the new row doesn't look like an add-on. To do that I'll need the design wall. 

The unpieced parts, tiny as they are, take up a lot more room than the sewn hexies. What's on the wall here will actually be one row of hexies, but I had to stack them to fit on the wall as I laid out the colors. 

After a few tweaks, here's a final check of the values:

Okay, I think this will do. Now to start packaging up kits. Every kit will get half a hexie plus one black triangle. 22 kits in all. I need 19 for my group so there will be a couple extra for me to piece. At least I don't have to have them all pieced by 12/2. 

PS - I mis-calculated. I didn't need 396 of those small kite pieces. I only needed 192. I cut and marked way more than I need. Anyone want them? The short side measures 1" finished and the triangles measure about 3" high finished.

With the parts I actually need on the wall, I can clean off the cutting table, rearrange the room, and trim the big quilt. 

The binding is prepped and ready to go. My plan is to get the quilt trimmed and the binding sewn on today so I can start stitching it down by hand on the back. Yes, I'm hand stitching this one, I'm hoping it gets accepted into the AQS show so the binding needs to be hand stitched. 

Meanwhile, the pieces I need for WIGSP can stay on the wall, or I can start packaging them up into kits as time permits. A busy week ahead!


  1. Oh my gosh - how frustrating to have cut so many extra pieces. I hope they go to good use somewhere? You have a busy week ahead of you Jan. :-)

  2. A busy week indeed, but you have a great start and I know that having a clear plan will help you achieve what you need to!

  3. I'm breathless just hearing about your activity. You Dresden checkerboards will look fabulous hanging in Paducah, maybe even with a ribbon!

  4. Oh my word - I'd make you an offer for those extra pieces, except that to ship them out here to South Africa is such a costly business. Some happy quilter is going to bless you for the cutting and marking. So generous. Margaret in Pretoria, RSA