Monday, May 3, 2021

April Stash Report and Goals Update

 April turned out to be a surprisingly busy month in the sewing room. And a great opportunity for stash enhancement when I shopped for a baby quilt project and shop-hopped with new friends. May looks a little less busy but more involved with the PC quilting club. 

April Stash Report 

IN this month: 13-3/8 yards (10-7/8 yards for Deco baby quilt (top & backing plus extra).  2-1/2 yards misc. from shop hop.)
OUT this month: 6-1/4 yards (Deco baby quilt: 3-1/4 yards for top & binding, 2-1/2 yards backing. Animal/chevron quilt binding, 1/2 yard.)

IN YTD: 31-3/8 yards
OUT YTD: 35-1/2 yards
YTD Net Change: 4-1/8 yards out

Still in the black for the year but closing the gap; my goal is to break even but refreshing the stash with more usable fabrics is certainly going to happen along the way. 

Goals Update

April Recap: 
1. Finish Animal Print & Chevron quilt for PCQ. Done
2. Make baby quilt for niece's baby girl, due in May. Done. 
3. Start quilting Color Spoke Challenge from STLMQG 2019 BOM so I can enter it in their show in July. Done - Quilting completed, ready for binding. I was on a roll and just continued quilting until it was done. 
4. Bind How Many (WIGSP): Started, binding attached and hand sewn down 1/8 of the way around. 

Other: Per request of the chair of the PCQ charity committee, we discussed plans for the sew day for  kids' quilts in May and I came up with a design. I started planning step outs to teach during the work day and sew day, and cut pieces in preparation for making kits on the work day. 

May Goals: 
1. Prep for Work Day and Sew Day w/PCQ charity committee: finish cutting squares, write pattern, make step outs and demo sample top.
2. Lead/teach project at PCQ work day and sew day.
3. Bind and label Color Spoke Challenge.
4. Continue binding WIGSP.
5. Send off Rainbow Charm H2H quilt.
6. Make backing & binding for PCQ demo quilt, deliver for quilting.

It doesn't seem like a very busy list, but we're hoping to go on a couple of short trips in May so my time will be spent on other, non-quilty, things. Oh, and Gary wants me to make him a shop apron to wear at Wood Carving. He hasn't found anything at all locally and nothing he likes on any website he's looked at so far, so we bought denim and I'll make him a custom apron. 

I'll post more about the project for PCQ in future posts, when I'm far enough along to have good pics, and I'll post a tutorial. I'm calling the project Fast and Wonky Strippy HSTs. 

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  1. Hi,
    Sounds like you've been all
    your projects...have a great day!

  2. Beautiful quilts that you have been working on . You have been very busy and loved reading your goals list. Have a lovely week and happy quilting.