Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mothers Day

To all the moms, grandmas, and mother figures out there, happy Mothers Day!

Mine has been particularly interesting. Doesn't everyone need one of these? 

It's a saguaro skeleton. The short side is 5 feet tall, the tall side is over 6 feet. We found it at a pottery store yesterday, fell in love with it, and couldn't resist. The original plan was to put it in the foyer as a sculptural piece, but we like it in the yard. If birds try to nest in it we may bring it onto the covered patio, or into the house.

We have desert landscaping in our back yard but it needs some help. We're working on plans, and we'll have some plants added in the fall. This is the wrong time of year to plant, we're told; October is better. That bush in the back corner will probably be replaced with an ocotillo. The mound that the cluster barrel cactus and the pots are on will be resculpted a bit and the saguaro will be in the gravel, not on the grass. 

That tree with the limbs that go in all directions is a palo verde. The yellow under it is fallen flowers - it was covered with flowers. You can still see a few of them in the branches. The flowers were so dense last week that just walking out onto the patio (from where the photo was taken) we could hear the bees buzzing. 

Yes, we're definitely enjoying Arizona. 


  1. Jan, we own a home in the Phoenix area (didn’t get there this winter, thanks to Covid and border restrictions) and when we built I HAD to have a palo verde tree and an ocotillo...the palo verde is very trashy, and split several times in its first five years due to wind. The ocotillo should NOT be watered, as it thrives on neglect. The palo verde was replaced last spring with a sterile olive, after falling onto the road during a windstorm. Just a warning. Enjoy your new surroundings, I hear it’s been over 100F several days already. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix. Jill MCCaughey at shaw dot ca

  2. Looking forward to the rearranging of items in your updated yard plans. What a cool sculpture.