Monday, May 17, 2021

PCQ Community Sew Day

I had the pleasure of working with the girls who participated in Saturday's PCQ Community Sew Day. The theme this time was Quilts for Kids, and the quilts will go to the local family services agency. 

Due to Covid restrictions we were limited to 12 people in the sewing room, but we had a full house and it worked out quilt nicely. 

The committee had already prepped kits, so everyone had a kit with enough pieces to make a 45 x 60" top with 48 blocks. This is the Strippy HST block: 

I posted step-outs and samples so everyone could see what we were working on. If you'd like a tutorial for this project, scroll down or  click here. This block is very forgiving - no precise matching. The strips will definitely come out a bit wonky, but it totally doesn't matter when the blocks are squared up. 

PebbleCreek rules meant the Creative Arts building closed at noon, so we only had three hours to work. But it was enough time for everyone to get comfortable making the block. 

It was a fun morning for me, and everyone there seemed to enjoy it. Everyone took their unfinished kits home to work on, so I'm sure sooner or later we'll be seeing Strippy HSTs showing up in Show & Tell, and in finished quilts for kids. 

If your group would like to make Strippy HSTs together as a group, I recommend making kits by doing all of the cutting ahead of time. The committee spent a couple of 3-hour work sessions prepping a dozen kits. We used my 2" strip die cutter and kid-friendly fabric from the club's donated stash. Contact me for more info for your group if interested. 


  1. Great block--always love shaded blocks for lots of variety of settings. Glad you all enjoyed the hours.

  2. Looks like a fun day of sewing together!

  3. Everyone looks pleased with their blocks, Jan!! Hoping that we'll get to see the resulting quilts.