Monday, June 27, 2022

Palette Plus Pattern Plus Plan Equals Project

 I started a project thinking I'd work on it at social sewing but I think I'll take it to retreat instead.

The new project has a really pretty palette that I've used before, analogous colors ranging from lime green to teal. I have a lot of prints using these colors in my stash, mostly small pieces and a few half yard cuts. So this will be semi-scrappy. I've been working a lot with black and white lately, and this palette is a refreshing change. 

The plan is sort of a round robin concept, except I'm making all the rounds myself. I've been working with strips a lot lately and I'm ready for a change, something with more complicated blocks. So I did some planning in EQ. 

Aside: Normally I take photos for this blog using my phone, but its camera can't handle yellow greens. They all come out brownish. My old point-and-shoot camera can handle the color well, but always takes blurry photos; they never come out crisp. So I have a combination of bad color and slightly blurry photos for your viewing enjoyment today. 

Here's the palette, which looks much prettier in real life than in this phone photo: 

Here's the pattern, a center medallion Dresden Plate surrounded by blocks. 
Okay color but blurry

Crisp focus but very bad color

The plan is to start with the Dresden Plate center and build the blocks around it. 
Very bad color

Much better color

I'm kitting up the blocks so I can work on them at retreat. Here are some of the kits.
Phone photo with bad color

Other block kits will have applique involved, usually not my thing but these are large orange peels, fairly simple so I should be okay. I'll continue prepping kits to work on this project at retreat. Maybe it'll become a finished flimsy....

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  1. Jan love the colors and the quilt design! It's going to be beautiful!

  2. Looks like you are going to be well prepared for the retreat!

  3. Have fun at your retreat. Working on such a cool quilt will make it even more fun.