Monday, March 20, 2023

Flying Geese Palette and Plan

I need a project to take on retreat in addition to something I already have planned. I'm in the mood for Flying Geese; I haven't made anything with Flying Geese lately. 

This will be yet another donation quilt. I looked through my stash to see what I have that might work. I pulled a few fabrics and added another from the club's stash. So far I have this palette plus white. 

The mint green, orange stripe, and multi floral were purchased in Paducah together last spring. I thought they played nicely together, and the orange floral that was already in my stash goes well with them too. I'll add a bit of white, and I need one more print in order to have enough variety in my blocks. I have to shop before retreat for another project I want to take so I'll look for something that goes with this palette. 

Here's the general plan. I'll just make random combos of geese so the final version will differ slightly from this, but this is the basic idea. There are lots of versions of FG quilts on the web like this. 

I'll shop this week or next and do most of the cutting ahead of time so I don't make too many cutting mistakes at retreat. When I get a few blocks together and up on the design wall, I can decide which print combos I need more of and only cut what I need. 

Using 6" geese, this should finish about 48 x 60" for a kid size donation quilt. I've made so many twin size tops lately that it'll be nice to make a smaller one. 

Link up: Small Quilts and Doll Quilts


  1. Interesting and restful combo. I look forward to seeing what you do.

  2. That's a lovely palette and the motion the geese make in the layout is really pleasing. Have fun shopping for the final print and at the retreat!

  3. That will be a lovely top/quilt. I'm not sure I'd have thought to use orange with turquoise but I really love how it looks together. Who knew? I am like you -- I do not cut out at retreat. It took several retreats with cutting errors for me to just make kits up so all I have to do is sew. (And most are very simple sewing! Do I get distracted much?) Have fun shopping for the go withs.