Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June N4Nb Quilt

STLMQG is collecting small quilts for Nurses for Newborns, due in November. The organization takes them when they first visit a new family to teach baby care. Then they leave the quilt with the family to keep. I'm trying to make one of these small quilts per month. June's quilt is the result of a gift of a Moda scrap bag, story here.

It's now quilted, bound, and finished.  This one came out just slightly larger than some of the others, at 28" wide by 38" long. 

I quilted it with wavy lines across each of the seams, so it remains soft. It still needs a spin through the washer and dryer to bring out the crinkle, but I'll wait until I can batch several together.

I found the perfect backing for it in my stash, a piece that's been aging gracefully for over ten years. Turns out, it's also by 3 Sisters Designs, the same design team as the fabric collection used for the front. Taupe binding, also from stash, coordinates nicely with both sides.

I'm currently working on so many projects, some with deadlines, that I feel like I'm pulled in a lot of different directions. It's nice to have a small finish and get this project off the list.

Actually, I don't have much time for sewing this week because I'm getting ready for my family's Second Annual Great Water Balloon and Splash Party on Sunday. Picture 8 kids, ages 12 down to 18 months, hundreds of water balloons, squirt toys, a kiddie pool, assorted other backyard toys, bubbles, 15 adults (the dads and grandpas are like big kids), and barbecue. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the weather remains nice as forecast....  Here's DH and grandson CJ at last year's party.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Heart Builders WIP

A couple weeks ago I received fabrics from Heart Builders to make a donation top for them.

I pulled some coordinating fabrics from stash, then set about designing something in EQ7. I wanted the light blue to be the background, and I wanted the focus to be on that western print. 

Unfortunately, all the options I tried required more light blue fabric than the 4 FQs I have. That western fabric really needs to be featured, not just chopped up to make the size work. I came up with a design I like that's in keeping with the theme and mood of the print, but it requires a lot more background fabric than I have here. 

OK, Plan B. I will use a different light blue background and use the blue FQs for a second Heart Builders top. Since I have a goal this year to piece and/or quilt one donation quilt a month, I can count these two Heart Builders tops for June and July, meet their deadline, and give them two instead of one. I'll just add some of my own fabrics. I have plenty of options I can work with. 

So here's a sneak peek of Plan B: 
Horizontal Bands of the focus fabric

Blocks inspired by the western theme

And here's a fabric pull for Plan C, the light blue FQs with a few friends from stash including some reclaimed shirtings. Is this too sophisticated? 

Heart Builders mentioned that they need quilts for older boys, masculine or gender neutral and not juvenile. I think both of these options will work. Now I just have to get busy and make them.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Pickle Dish Celebration

Whoo-hoo! I'm doing the happy dance today! The reason is that my Pickle Dish blocks are finally completely fixed, and they're all sewn together. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I'm so glad I forced myself to fix them now rather than let this project languish as a UFO.

Here's the top on my design wall; sorry for the indoor photo.

Fixing the blocks was so worth it. They came together nicely. I pressed all the seams open and they lay as smooth as possible. The points came out nice and sharp where the background comes together.

The busy background works exactly as I hoped it would - it hides the seams within those diamond shapes. If you know there are seams you can see them, but they aren't immediately apparent and they don't distract from the focus on the rings.

This part of the quilt currently measures 60 x 60". I want a rectangular quilt rather than a square one, so it needs borders. First will be 3" of background print added to the top and bottom. Then pieced borders using the colors of the rings. Then finally 3" of background fabric all around for a finished size of 66 x 78".  I need to work out the pieced borders, but I have some deadline projects, so the borders will have to wait until later next month.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


The local quilt shop that is closing continues their inventory close-out sale, with further discounts even on their already on-sale fabrics. I took advantage of the opportunity to get some backings. I took a list with swatches and quantities needed, and stuck to my plan.

Backings, left to right:
- Green floral for Green Bohemian Bento Box, first photo below
- Grey/Orange ovals for Sports Plus planned retreat project, second photo below
- Aqua floral for a planned Nurses for Newborns project for later this year
- Taupe small geometric for an old UFO from my pre-blogging days (no photo)
- Green/Aqua large geometric for a bee project, also to be worked on at retreat later this year, third photo below
Bohemian Bento Box UFO

Sports Plus WIP

Bee Blocks WIP

12 yards of backings came out to about $3.80 a yard, including the tax. I'm pleased that the hit to my budget wasn't too bad. My stash report, on the other hand, will definitely take a hit.

I'm sad that we're losing my favorite quilt shop. It's too bad that small shops like that just can't make a go of it. They have had the best selection of modern fabrics in town, and they're the closest full service quilt shop to me. I'm sorry to see them go. That leaves only a couple other shops, farther away, with different specialties. I'm grateful to still have those other options.

Do you still have a good local quilt shop in your area?

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Heart Builders

Have you heard of Heart Builders? They make comfort quilts for kids, sponsored by Stash Builder Box/Cotton Cuts, who provide some of the fabrics for a top. Heart Builders participants piece tops and send them to team leaders for quilting, finishing and distribution.

I made a couple of tops for Heart Builders a couple years ago. Then I didn't hear anything for awhile. I'm not on Facebook so I missed out. Now I've reconnected, and they sent me some fabrics to make a top for them.

They want tops that measure about 45 by 60". There's a yard and a half of the Western print and a yard total of each blue. Hmm, what do I have in my stash that will coordinate?

Turns out, I have some solids that could work, and a blue print I picked up in Paducah in April.

Heart Builders requests a six-week turn around time so I have until roughly the end of July to get a top pieced and sent back. I guess I'd better get busy and design something so I can start making it. I'm thinking something with triangles or flying geese, maybe something Western-ish. Time to start playing in EQ.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

June N4Nb Top

Between repairing the Pickle Dish blocks and making the last Dresden block, I was in need of some mindless sewing, something simple and relaxing.

My friend passed along to me a Moda scrap bag. I took it thinking I would pass it along to another friend with traditional taste who works with scraps and strings.

Then when I opened it up, I realized it was off-cuts from making precuts. Lots of coordinated selvage strips, about 30" long and ranging from 2-1/2 to 3-1/2" wide. I could use them for a strippy Nurses for Newborns quilt for STLMQG. Very fitting since it was Marie from STLMQG who gave me the scrap bag.

I was able to cut most of the strips to a consistent 2-1/4" width with the selvage trimmed off. So I sewed them all together and now I have this top for my June N4Nb quilt.  It's slightly wider than the required size, so I might trim it down after quilting it.

The fabrics are very traditional but quite pretty, actually. The collection is Larkspur by 3 Sisters.

Not a bad result from this little scrap bag!

I'm sure I can find something in my stash that will work for backing and binding. I'll get it quilted and bound sometime this month and set it aside for the November N4Nb collection.

Meanwhile, back to the Pickle Dish blocks...

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Moving Forward

It feels so good to say that! 

I pulled out all the fabrics from the red project to cut more parts, and made one last Dresden block. Now all 12 Dresdens are finished, for real now. This time I did not fussy cut the stripey print; the stripes run across the blades here instead of centered down the blade. No two of the Dresden blocks are alike.

And I'm making progress unstitching, re-pressing, and reassembling my Pickle Dish blocks. (story here) When I originally made these blocks and became confident of stitching the curves, I started using a smaller stitch length, about 1.8. So now as I'm unstitching four partial seams in each block, it's taking a lot of careful unpicking to remove those tiny stitches. But I'm making progress - 2/3 complete now, whoo-hoo!

So worth it, though - the seams are coming together nicely where the blocks intersect.

Slow and steady... This project doesn't have a deadline. I'm making it for me, for my own enjoyment. I'll get through this repair phase, and I'll be glad I took the time to fix the problem.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Design Wall Monday: Prepping for Piecing Group

Boy, are my Piecing Group friends going to be surprised. For the first time in five or six go-rounds, I'm not handing out my WIVSP triangle project. It's now in too few pieces to hand out; I'm in the process of sewing the rows together. So what am I going to hand out?

Well, curves are great for hand piecing, so I've chosen a Winding Ways project. Here are the parts on my design wall in preparation for making up the kits. This will end up as a 40" x 40" baby quilt.

Each person will get a kit to make one block. Here's one of my sample & test blocks:

In hand piecing, all of the pieces have the seams marked on the wrong side for stitching. 25 blocks times 12 pieces per block, that's 300 pieces all carefully marked. I cut them with my die cutter, then came back and marked the quarter-inch seam lines.

In hand piecing, we float our seams which means we never stitch across seam allowances, we let them hang free so they can be pressed in the best direction later. Since I didn't stitch across the seam allowances at the center, the curved edges came together nicely and I can spin the seam allowances to reduce the bulk.

Since these pieces are die cut, I made two machine sewn test blocks as well, just to try out the cut parts. They didn't come out as nice at the center as the hand pieced blocks.

We have 16 members. I need 21 more blocks in addition to the four test blocks I made, so I'll package up the kits and hand them out. Maybe I can get the leftover kits pieced myself this month, so that when everyone returns their blocks to me next month, I can assemble the top.

Last time I talked about Piecing Group, someone asked how it works. This post explains it well.

Meanwhile, I'm off to stuff baggies with instructions and pieces so I'll be ready to hand out tomorrow. Thank goodness I don't have to host until next month! It takes a lot of time to prep kits for Piecing Group.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

First Saturday Blocks

I won't be able to attend Alternate First Saturday tomorrow with my friends, but I do have my blocks for the month done. Here's where I'm at now:
Red Project blocks on design wall

Sheesh, I thought I was finished with all the Dresden blocks. I had previously cut all the background squares and pinned them together in groups of four. I thought I had enough, so when I finished the last block I thought I was done. Obviously not. So this month I'll have to make that one last Dresden block. 

Notice that one of the Dresdens has a snowballed corner. Eventually they all will have snowballed corners, which will create diagonal movement across the quilt. My goal for this month was to snowball all the corners, but since I have to make one more block, that's not likely to get done. 
One snowball corner test

Here once again is the EQ drawing of what this will look like when it's done. It will be huge - 102 x 102" - but after quilting and washing I expect it to shrink down to about 96 x 96" which is the size of the bedspread on my queen size bed now and it's perfect. 
EQ design

In other developments, I've been hearing about suggestions to deal with the Blogger situation with comments not coming into email. I've tried leaving myself a comment and checking the box to receive follow up comments via email, and so far it has worked. However, by this method everyone is classified as a no-reply blogger, so if I don't already have you in my contacts, I can't reply unless you leave your email address in your comment. I hope Blogger gets things worked out so they can comply with the EU privacy requirements and still give us the comment-to-email and reply feature we need.