Friday, June 29, 2018

June Stash Report and Goals Update

Wow, June was a crazy month! Plans changed, prep for a fun social event took over, and my accomplishments in the sewing room took a back seat. It's all good, though. Quilting is just a hobby, not something I stress over. I only keep track of my goals and my stash because I like to look back on what I've done and remember.
Second Annual Great Water Balloon and Splash Party
Hosted by my Husband and Me

June Stash Report
So how did the stash do this month? Well, Janie Lou announced they're closing and held some pretty good sales, so I stocked up. Sad to see them close.

Month IN - 14-5/8 yards (Janie Lou shop closing final sale - 12 yards backings.  2-5/8 yards background for Heart Builders top #1 (from Joanne's with coupon) )
Month OUT - 3-1/2 yards (Heart Builders top #1, my fabrics, top & binding - 2-1/4  yards.  June N4Nb quilt backing & binding - 1-1/4 yards.  Did not count scrap bag In or Out of stash.)

YTD IN -  78-7/8 yards
YTD OUT -  70-1/8 yards
YTD Net Change -  8-3/4 yards IN

Moving in the wrong direction but backings at bargain prices were worth it. I can use up 8 or 9 yards yet this year to break even.
Bargain Backings Planned for Specific Projects

Goals Update:
June Recap:
1. If possible, bind Snake quilt for potential presentation on June 24. Depends on whether my friend can get it quilted with all the travelling she has going on. NO, no surprise, the snake quilt isn't quilted yet.  
2. Assemble backing for grandson's big boy bed quilt and get quilt layered and basted. Partially done, backing is assembled but quilt is not layered and basted. 
3. Piece and/or quilt another Rocking Chair or N4Nb quilt. DONE, Moda scrap bag quilt.
4. Make project for 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, take photos, draft blog post. DONE
5. Snowball the corners of the Dresden blocks for the red project. Make the one last Dresden block needed. DONE
6. Finish fixing the Pickle Dish blocks and assemble them into quilt center. DONE! Huge relief to have this behind me.
7. Start working on baby quilt for new great-nephew due end of September. NO, but fabrics have been pre-washed and I have the design planned and ready to cut. 
8. Hand sew on WIVSP Piecing Group Project. NO, not touched.
9. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE

Other accomplishments: received fabrics from Heart Builders to piece a top, requested by end of July. Used one of the fabrics plus some of my own and completed one top. Planned and cut parts using the other fabrics they provided plus more of my own for a second top.
Heart Builders Top #1

June N4Nb quilt made from Moda Scrap Bag

Pickle Dish blocks repaired and assembled into top center

July Goals:
1. Clean, make desserts, and host Piecing Group.
2. Assemble 2nd Heart Builders top and possible third top. Send all tops out to Heart Builders.
3. Add first borders to Pickle Dish top. Draft, cut, and start piecing second borders (to be paper pieced).
4. Get grandson's big boy bed quilt layered and basted; start quilting.
5. Piece and/or quilt another N4Nb quilt.
6. Finalize post for 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, to be featured on July 15.
7. Snowball the corners of the Dresden blocks for the red project.
8. Start working on baby quilt for new great-nephew due end of September.
9. Hand sew on WIVSP Piecing Group Project.
10. Keep up with bee blocks.

Okay, this is probably too much to try to get done in one month. But if I don't list everything, I won't even try, so it's better to list it.
Fabrics for Second Heart Builders Top

Do you set quilting goals? How's it working for you? I'm hoping for a productive month!

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  1. Yes! I use OMG, although I "fell off the wagon" for the last two months (making summer clothes for my son - shorts and undies). I am working on picking a project to start to link to July 1st! Sew much fabric, sew little time...

  2. It is definitely better to list everything out, at least for me. It helps me realize when it's time to start saying "no". :)

  3. It's such a good idea to buy backing fabrics on sale and they didn't put you very far in the hole. Sorry one of your go to shops is closing. Good luck with your July goals. I have goals for the month too, when you have limited time to sew it helps to have an idea of what you want to get accomplished when you do manage to get into the sewing room.