Wednesday, June 13, 2018


The local quilt shop that is closing continues their inventory close-out sale, with further discounts even on their already on-sale fabrics. I took advantage of the opportunity to get some backings. I took a list with swatches and quantities needed, and stuck to my plan.

Backings, left to right:
- Green floral for Green Bohemian Bento Box, first photo below
- Grey/Orange ovals for Sports Plus planned retreat project, second photo below
- Aqua floral for a planned Nurses for Newborns project for later this year
- Taupe small geometric for an old UFO from my pre-blogging days (no photo)
- Green/Aqua large geometric for a bee project, also to be worked on at retreat later this year, third photo below
Bohemian Bento Box UFO

Sports Plus WIP

Bee Blocks WIP

12 yards of backings came out to about $3.80 a yard, including the tax. I'm pleased that the hit to my budget wasn't too bad. My stash report, on the other hand, will definitely take a hit.

I'm sad that we're losing my favorite quilt shop. It's too bad that small shops like that just can't make a go of it. They have had the best selection of modern fabrics in town, and they're the closest full service quilt shop to me. I'm sorry to see them go. That leaves only a couple other shops, farther away, with different specialties. I'm grateful to still have those other options.

Do you still have a good local quilt shop in your area?

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  1. Picking up large yardage for backings was a good idea. I still have 2 fabric stores in my small town and am so grateful they have been able to remain open.

  2. Sorry your local shop is closing. You did same some bucks on the backing. I am fortunate to have a fabric store in my town, Murray, KY. It's nice to just drive to the store in five minutes or less.

  3. You did really well on finding a good deal on the backings. We just got two new quilt shops in the last year. One of them I really like, the other one not so much. It's nice to have a quilt shop in town (before the closest was an hour away).

  4. You're very disciplined to have taken swatches with you and only purchased what you need. I'm terrible at sales and want to buy ALL THE FABRICS! It's probably best for my budget that I don't have a local quilt shop, since I don't have a "local" anything on the boat.
    louise dot hornor at gmail

  5. We have 3 local shops - each with their own distinct vibe. And there are others within a 90 minute drive. Sorry you are losing yours!!!