Friday, December 23, 2016

A Very Quilty Christmas - Gift Recap

I make quilts for the enjoyment of making them. As a household of two, we certainly don't need as many quilts as have accumulated around here. My plan since last year has been to unload give quilts to family members this Christmas. Here'a a roundup of the quilts that are going to their new forever homes tomorrow:

For Sister-in-law & Brother-in-law, who host all the family gatherings: Maple Leaf Star. These blocks were the main block from a LQS's BOM series starting in 2014. The setting is my own.
Maple Leaf Star

For Brother-in-law's parents, the senior H family. They've had a huge influence on our lifestyle and we're forever grateful.  They introduced us to beach vacations at Perdido Key in 1983 and we've been going back ever since. These were the alternate blocks from the same LQS BOM series as the quilt above. Together the blocks were to make a king size quilt, which I didn't need or want, so I made two sofa quilts with them.
Autumn Forest

For niece #1 (Maddie's mom) and her family. She's a kindergarten teacher, her husband is a firefighter, and they have three kids ages 1, 7, and 9. Her taste leans more modern than traditional, and her living room is furnished in greys. I think these pops of color will go nicely, and the cheerful modern vibe is perfect for their family's personality.
Dancing Plus

For niece #2 and her family. She's a former vet tech, now stay-at-home mom; her husband is an avid hunter, and they have three boys ages 4, 2, and 2 months. Her decor is mostly warm neutrals. This quilt uses the Cut and Shuffle Quilts method from my book; I've had this family in mind for this quilt ever since I designed it.
Antler Dance

For nephew and his family. He's s surgical tech, his wife is a nurse, and they have a newborn son. She likes teal and turquoise. I haven't blogged about this quilt before; it's from my pre-blog days, from a Topsy Turvy Nine Patch workshop with Judy Laquidara.
Happy Accident

In addition, great-aunt M and Brother-in-law's sister D are always part of the family gathering, so they're getting monogrammed pillows:
Monogrammed Pillows

Separately, I'm also gifting the recently finished Bohemian Bento Box to my son's housemates. They've been very supportive of him through some tough times during the last couple of years, including a recent car breakdown in the middle of the night, and a quilty thank-you would be a nice gesture.
Bohemian Bento Box

So with these quilts gone to their new homes, I'll have room to make more. To me, that's a win all the way around!

And because sending all these quilts to their new homes is whoop-worthy, I'm linking up with Whoop Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays - I hope you get to enjoy some time as you like.


  1. They're all beautiful quilts, beautiful gifts.

  2. I, like you Jan, quilt because I love to and end up with way more quilts than we can use. I gifted three of my quilts this Christmas, too. Your quilts are beautiful and will be very much appreciated by their recipients, I'm sure. Merry Christmas!

  3. I really enjoyed getting to see all the quilting gifts grouped together. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing what you make in 2017!

  4. You'll have some very happy people this Christmas. Merry Christmas!