Monday, December 5, 2016

BB Quilting Progress

My priority goal for this month is to get the coral Bento Box quilt finished for a Christmas gift. I was able to get it layered & pin basted Friday, and now the quilting has been started.

Since this quilt is so busy, I'm keeping the quilting very simple - and doable - with just diagonal straight lines, white thread. I'll add FMQ to the border in black thread later. You can see here that I added an additional black border around the border print; the print ended right at the edge of the fabric but this gives me more of a frame and brings the size up to 60 x 72".

I'm hoping to get all the quilting done this week. Maybe a finish could be possible? Maybe.

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  1. Keeping the quilting simple is smart when you want a quick finish and when the design stands on its own well enough. I hope the quilting is fun and satisfying this week.

  2. The borders make a very nice frame. Hopefully you've made good progress since Monday and are almost done.