Monday, December 19, 2016

Quilting with Murphy

I use my dining room floor to layer and baste large quilts. Lately, though, our house has been booby-trapped with puppy gates.

I got the backing for my LCT QOV prepped Friday and pinned down in the dining room.  The batting & the top are layered over it, smoothed out and ready to be pinned down taut, then pin-basted. No progress since Friday, but I need to get this basted and out of the dining room within the next day or two. *

Murphy is five months old now, growing and very active. He's all ears, legs, and tail, but he'll eventually grow into them and his fur will grow out into feathery furnishings.

As you can see below, we have gates everywhere. We let him in certain areas only when we're there to keep an eye on him, as he chews on everything. Here he's playing with a small Kong toy. When I work on the quilt, I'll keep this gate by the stairs closed so I can open the one across the dining room.

It's very hard to photograph an active puppy. Thank goodness for digital, and the ability to delete all the outtakes.

You may have noticed, there are no Christmas decorations in any of these photos. We decorated very minimally this year, due to Murphy and our toddler grandson. What one doesn't get into, the other one will.

This will be a busy week of final Christmas preparations, but I'll squeeze in some time to work on this quilt. I hope your last minute holiday preparations are going well, too.

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* I pin through the carpet into the sub floor, but DO NOT use this method if you have hardwood under your carpet as the pins will damage the floor.


  1. Murphy looks so happy and playful! The gates must be limiting, but I can certainly understand the need and practicality in using them. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and productive week finalizing your preparations.

  2. I noticed the first four pictures and not being able to see his face and "figure him out." I thought perhaps he was a Springer Spaniel but, no, is he a King Charles Cavalier? I know I've read about him before the memory is often useless! He sure is a cutie. I really like the quilt ready to be basted. It kind of reminds me of the Hudson Bay blanket I have.

  3. I just read Bonnie's comment and the quilt does indeed recall a Hudson Bay blanket!! Murphy is a handsome little guy :) Hope you have a fun holiday!

  4. Murphy is darling! I'm enjoying seeing photos of him. Your description of having to carefully cordon off each part of the house reminds me why a puppy would not be a good idea for us at this point, but gosh he's cute. I'll bet his fur is silky soft, too. Sigh.

  5. What a handsome boy! Merry Christmas to all!

  6. our baby is growing up... so handsome! And Murphy do not drink the tree water... drink from the toilet like a big boy.

  7. Murphy is quite a little cutie, but does look to be a handful. Enjoy your holiday preparations.

  8. Murphy is darling. Totally get not putting out a lot of decorations. Babies and puppies can be hard on them.