Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Stash Report and Goals Update

I said last week I'd wait until the actual end of the month for my stash & goals report because I knew I could use those last few days to accomplish a little more, which I did. That means I can count out more stash. So, a few days late, here's the November update.

Stash Report: A lot in but even more out!

November IN: 15.5 yards (6-3/8 yards FQs; 2-1/2 yds wide backing; 3/8 yd binding for Crayon Challenge; 3/4 yard for Dancing Plus blocks; estimated 4 yards from Gwen's guild destashing event; 3/4 yd more for Dancing Plus blocks; 3/4 yd for binding for autumn forest quilt)
November OUT: 21 yards (3/8 yd binding for Crayon Challenge; 5 yds for backing for autumn forest quilt; estimated 9 yards for two Bento Box flimsies; 1-1/2 yds Forest Fellows prints given to STLMQG for ticket raffle; 2 yds mixed pieces given to Sandy in Bonnie Hunter colors; 5/8 yds binding for autumn forest quilt; estimated 2-1/2 yards for 21 more LCT blocks for QOV.)

YTD IN: 101-7/8 yards
YTD OUT: 127-1/4 yards
YTD Net Change: 25-3/8 yards OUT

WOW, I can't believe how much I've used this year. I'm definitely going to finish the year in the black. Unless I get really carried away at some end-of-the-year sales...

Many of those FQ's from the big sale early in the month ended up getting used in Dancing Plus blocks, a new project that's still in work.
FQ Stash Additions and Wide Backing

Goals Update:

1. Prep, organize, and pack for teaching Cut & Shuffle Quilts on Nov. 5. DONE; class went well. 
2. Bind Crayon Challenge table runner, due Nov. 12. DONE
3. Prep Piecing Group kits to hand out Dec 6. DONE, ready to hand out.
4. If returned from the long-armer, bind Christmas quilt for the senior H family. DONE, bound and labeled. 
5. Add labels to all the Christmas quilts. DONE
6. Make progress on one UFO: Roman Road, Bento Box, or LCT QOV. DONE: assembled two tops from Bento Box blocks.
7. Keep up with bee blocks & send out QOV blocks. DONE; 31 blocks went to Dar for QOV of Eastern Missouri: 10 from Sew Bee It and 21 more from me. 

Other: Made 143 new Dancing Plus blocks

Crayon Challenge Table Runner

Autumn Forest Quilt

Coral Bento Box Flimsy

More LCT blocks for QOV of Eastern Missouri

More than 100 Dancing Plus blocks in work

December Goals:
1. Layer & baste, quilt, bind and label the coral Bento Box quilt for a Christmas gift
2. Assemble the Dancing Plus top
3. Make progress on one WIP: Roman Road or LCT QOV
4. Inventory UFOs for 2017
5. Keep up with bee blocks

November was an incredibly productive month! Let's hope I can get the stuff on my December list done. I still have all the Christmas prep, shopping, decorating, etc. to do as well, so we'll see how much sewing I can get done.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times. How's your stash management going?


  1. That is very impressive and motivating! Great job!

  2. It is fun to see photographic recaps of just how much you were able to accomplish - and what a great amount of fabric to have used so far this year!

  3. Congrats on a successful November and on your great stash numbers.