Friday, December 16, 2016

Boomerang Patches

In October, the guild I belong to held an Orphan Adoption Event, at which members were encouraged to donate UFOs they'd never finish, orphan blocks, unwanted patterns, etc. Everything except fabric because we have a different event for destashing fabric.

I was able to unload my late MIL's basket containing a partially finished Double Wedding Ring top in 1990's dusty mauve, which I considered a "basket of guilt" because I knew I'd never finish it and no one else in the family would either. All the rest of the cut parts and additional fabric were in the basket. I'm told it will become two baby quilts, possibly for a crisis nursery.
Basket of Guilt - MIL"S DWR UFO

I also got rid of some antique blocks someone had given me from an estate sale awhile back. While I think they're cool, I'll never use them.
Antique Blocks

I swore I wouldn't adopt anything. I absolutely do not need anyone else's UFO. Then I saw this:
Little Clamshell of 4-Patches & Squares

It's a little food box with four patches and cut squares. Ooh, I like these colors! Oh, and I see a couple of prints in there that I actually have in my stash. I'll adopt this.

The little box was donated by someone who picked up a baggie of pieces at our fabric destashing event a few years ago, used some for a charity quilt, and didn't want the rest. There are 64 four patches and 128 squares that will finish at 2".
Boomerang Patches


I have a great nephew who will be 10 in March. His mom & dad didn't want to find out the baby's gender when they were expecting him, so a gender-neutral quilt was in order. Lime and turquoise, with just a touch of coral - perfect! So I made a baby quilt using these fabrics, including these little four patches, nearly ten years ago.

I ended up making way too many patches and cutting way too many squares. The quilt ended up being a combo four patch: some of the blocks were double four patches made with pieces like these, then some of those were made into bigger four patches with 4" squares. I wish I had a photo; it's one of my earlier quilts that I gave away before taking a photo of it. The backing was solid lime green like the squares at the right, a lustrous and very soft sateen bed sheet. The quilt was long-arm quilted by my friend Sandy. It was probably about 48" square or so, I don't remember.

So these little patches have come full circle. I guess after I made Jake's quilt I thought I was done with them. I still love this color combo, and I can see another charity quilt resulting from these little patches. I'm glad I adopted them back.

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PS - Whoo-hoo - I got my laptop back from repairs sooner than expected!


  1. Wow you adopted out some great things. Love the story of your boomerang blocks!

  2. How fun that you re-adopted some of your own piecing. I really like the pops of coral with the blues and greens.

  3. Very cool that you've re-adopted those blocks. Looking forward to seeing the new projects that come from those patches.

  4. Oh my goodness, life really does come full circle more often than we realize, doesn't it? These will make a beautiful donation quilt. :)

  5. Love the colors of the well-traveled patches. We know what we like and often we remain true to that for a long time-as you have done here. Can't wait to see what you come up with this time.

    Happy New Year. May 2017 help us lead the way to peace.