Monday, December 12, 2016

WIPs: Dancing Plus, LCT QOV, and Roman Road

My Christmas gift quilts are done. I'll post a round-up of them sometime before Christmas. Meanwhile, I need to take stock of my current WIPs, figure out where I'm at with them, and see what I need to do to move them along.

Dancing Plus is on the design wall. The layout needs to be tweaked - I see too many white backgrounds together so I need to scatter them around more. Then I can join the blocks into rows, etc. and finish the top. The top will finish at 66 x 81".
Dancing Plus Blocks on the Wall

Just for curiosity's sake, there are 143 blocks using 52 different lights and 57 different darks, if I remembered to tally everything as I was cutting. Used lots of scraps! The palette was inspired by a charm pack of an older line called Casablanca from Windham (no affiliation) which features a lot of amber, russet, black, olive, and dusty teal shades.

Next, my  LCT QOV needs to be layered, basted and quilted. I should probably work on this first, because it's needed soonest. Also, my sewing machine table is still opened up into "aircraft carrier mode" for quilting, which means everything else is crowded into the other side of the sewing room, haard to get to and work around. I have fabric for the backing but I need to seam it. For quilting I'm thinking vertical organic wavy lines that I can do with the walking foot. Or maybe a spiral. What do you think?
Log Cabin Triangles Quilt of Valor

I still want to finish Roman Road, too. It needs the row seams pressed, and it needs several more borders. Roman Road may have to wait until 2017 to get finished.
Roman Road WIP

I have other projects that seem to have evolved from WIP to UFO status. I want to inventory them all and make a plan for dealing with them next year.

Meanwhile, I'm having some issues with my laptop so it's going in for a spa treatment. They quoted me seven days but they're hoping they can get it done sooner.  I have a post scheduled for Friday, but otherwise I won't be on line for awhile. I should be able to get lots of sewing done, but I'll miss all the blogs I follow.

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  1. I'll miss you, Jan! I hope the laptop can be fixed quicker than the 7 days they quoted you. I think a spiral for the QOV quilt would be lovely but a challenge, and wavy lines would be perhaps quicker and get you to a finish quicker.

  2. LOVE that Log Cabin Triangle quilt!! I only made a few blocks to send to Alycia's QOV drive, but would like to make an entire quilt out of them... someday.

  3. Good luck with your lap top! You have some great projects going.

  4. Lots of great piecing time spent! Aircraft carrier mode--perfect description:). Getting WIPS out of the UFO locker is a goal I have for next year too.

  5. You've got lots of great projects almost to the finished stage. Hopefully the computer comes back sooner than expected.