Wednesday, October 3, 2018

CSQ Baby Shower Quilt

CSQ, the small traditional guild I belong to, has adopted a charity that supports military families. One of the things they do is provide baby showers to expectant families, so we're making baby quilts. I showed the fabrics I'm using in an earlier post, but here they are again:

I just needed some simple mindless sewing so all I did was cut squares, then a narrow accent border, then an outer border of the stripe. The top came out to about 39" x 47". 

When seen from farther away, that stripe kind of vibrates, doesn't it! I'm happy to use it for a CSQ charity project because I got it from the CSQ fabric swap earlier this year; someone in the guild de-stashed it. 

There wasn't enough of the speckled orange (top photo) so I found another orange in my stash that would work. The fabric combo still works as a gender-neutral palette, in case the organization needs non-gender-specific baby quilts. 

I'll use the rest of the stripe for the backing and quilt this with an easy all-over meander to keep it soft and drapey. There's no deadline, but I see the charity coordinator each month so I can pass the finished quilt to her any time. 

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  1. You know, I'm always amazed by how effective a quilt of just "simple squares" can be, especially when the fabrics coordinate as nicely as yours do. I think that turquoise inner border really makes it. Great job!

  2. I love the inner blue border. It really pops the orange.

  3. Wonderful baby quilt; love the colors and fabric! I agree with the other comments, the blue border makes the quilt pop!

  4. It's a perfect quilt top and I bet it was a quick and fun one to sew together. The turquoise really glows and sets it off, but that squiggle stripe is the star for sure!