Monday, October 29, 2018

DWM 10/29: The Red Project

My goal for this month is to get the blocks all sewn together into the center of the quilt top. So far I have the blocks sewn into rows and the bottom two rows sewn together. As shown on the wall here, this part of the top will finish at 70" x 70".

This project is kind of special to me, and I'm taking care in the construction of it. I'm pleased with these points so far; three more rows of them to go. 

I need to get the rest of the rows sewn together by Saturday for this month's AFS meet-up with my friends. Next month the goal will be to add the first border.

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  1. That is a stunning quilt. It looks like you took great care with the placement of your blades on the fabric. That one with the swirly design going down the middle is cool.

  2. I hope that the rows sew together easily and all your points match just how you would like them too. I know it's been a labor of love, but it is definitely paying off in how it is turning out!

  3. It’s a beauty, Jan. Your hard work and diligence is paying off.

  4. Perfect points and a lovely quilt top! Good job!

  5. Step by step, your lovely red piece is coming together! Will it be finished for the holidays?