Friday, October 26, 2018

Finished Demo Sample

The little top I made as a demo sample for my post about my organization habits is now a finished quilt. For that post, scroll down or click here

A bit of Franken-batting, backing left over from something else, some crosshatch quilting and machine binding, and now I have a finish.

This demo sample is small, 24" by 36", the size requested by Nurses for Newborns. I've been making one N4Nb quilt each month, but the October quilt was already finished. This one's a bonus!

(To those who left comments on my organization post, thank you. If I didn't reply, it's because you're a no-reply blogger but I appreciate your visit and your comment.)

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  1. How awesome to turn the demo into something so helpful and beneficial!

  2. What a wonderful quilt to donate! Making a plus quilt is on my 'wish' list

  3. I really like how the two darkest crosses centered, they make a great focal point. Congrats on finishing it up.

  4. Lovely Plus quilt! Great quilting too

  5. Love scrappy quilts. Nicely done and will be much appreciated.