Wednesday, October 10, 2018

So Much Fun at Sew Me STL

I had such a good time at retreat. It's so much fun to do something you love to do with friends who also love to do it. And just hang out together. I haven't laughed so much in one weekend since I don't know when, maybe last year's retreat.

The retreat committee did a terrific job of organizing the event. Thanks, Marie and team! They had lots - LOTS - of great prizes, and raffles every hour.
Swag Bags at the Welcome Desk

The upstairs room was spacious and well lit. We were set up in "pods" which facilitated conversation among the girls sitting together. We had up to 60 people in the upstairs room and another room downstairs set up the same way. Everyone wandered among the rooms and pods talking to everyone and seeing what they're all working on.  

Here's my pod, with a couple people missing. I'm height-challenged so my work space is the one with the booster seat. 

We had I think something like 84 attendees altogether. Everyone brought a treat to share; we had plenty of snacks. And a little something extra on the snack table. 

Since STLMQG is affiliated with the Modern Quilt Guild, we're participating in their challenge. Our talented committee designed a quilt representing the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, and we're all making blocks. This quilt will be exhibited at Quilt Con in February 2019.  

A highlight of Sew Me is always the Scrap Scramble. Everyone who wants to participate brings a baggie of scraps (large enough to be useful) and dumps them on the pile. Then it's like musical chairs, grab scraps you want until the music stops, take two steps to the right, grab scraps again, etc.  

Here we are getting ready. It's impossible to take good photos of the scramble itself because all you get in the photo is everybody's backsides. I contributed a stuffed baggie of scraps and brought home just a few pieces. I don't need more fabric!

The committee worked hard to acquire an abundance of desirable prizes; unfortunately I didn't think to get a photo of them all laid out on the table. The welcome swag bag contained goodies and a raffle ticket for the whole weekend, and drawings for prizes were held just about every hour. My bee contributed a basket of notions, patterns and books. I was thrilled to win a gift bag from Dottie containing scissors, a rotary cutter, and a gift certificate toward long arm quilting. Dottie is a good long armer with a computerized machine, and I know just what I'll ask her to quilt for me (when the top is finished, of course). 
Gifts, Winnings, and Swag

My bee also had a Secret Sister gift exchange, which was planned months ago and we all listed likes and dislikes so our secret gift giver would have some input. Em liked what I gave her. And I absolutely love what Marie gave me! She made me a Sew Together bag in a spicy Cotton + Steel print. Marie knows me well - she knows I'd never make one of these on my own. I love it! Thanks, Marie!

So much fun! And I haven't even shown what I worked on all weekend. Come back Friday for that; this post is long enough already. 

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  1. A friend made a Sew Together bag for me, too -- like you, I would never have made one for myself. I like the scrappy blocks for your group's challenge quilt - hope you'll share a photo of the quilt once it is completed.

  2. Jan, I'm so glad you took time to join AFS what with all the fun and excitement you may have missed at Sew Me STL :) Love the Sew Together you, like Julie, I will never make one ;-) But best of all, you won long arm quilting!!! Can wait to see what you'll have Dottie do.

  3. There is nothing better for quilters than a good retreat! That Scrap Scrabble looks like so much fun and your swag bags, gifts and winnings was quite the haul!

  4. What a fun way to spend a few days... great gifts too.

  5. The charity quilt looks amazing and I love the design inspiration!