Monday, January 21, 2019

Coming Along

I've been slowly plugging away at quilting the rings and arcs on Pickle Dish. I'm more than halfway done with them now.

When the arcs and rings are done I'll come back in and stipple the background. Wrestling this quilt under my machine is awkward, so it's slow going, but I'm pleased with the progress so far.

I'l also making progress on the hardest puzzle ever. It's come a long way from last week. You'd think it would be easier at this point, but no, all the pieces pretty much look alike now.

Even progress in small steps is good, right? I'll keep plugging along on both the quilt and the puzzle.

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  1. Oh gosh, Jan -- your pickle dish quilt is stunning, amazing, magnificent... Can I think of any other superlatives?! And unlike a puzzle that gets taken apart and put back in its box, all of your hard work on that quilt will outlive you.

  2. Your quilt is coming along nicely. It will be fun to see this one finished since I've enjoyed watching your progress. I haven't done a puzzle in years. Fun!

  3. You have made a lot of progress on the puzzle and the Pickle Dish quilting looks great!

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I love the dark floral for the background! I've always wanted to make a pickle dish quilt and I finally bought the book, Quilt Romance by Kaffe Fasset, since it is supposed to have a good pattern for it. It is so hard deciding on a color scheme though.

  5. Pickle Dish is coming right along. You will have a finish in now time. But I have to ask, when finished will you celebrate by eating a pickle from a dish :) It looks like you've made quite good progress on the puzzle in one week! How many pieces is that one?

  6. The photo of your quilt drew me in. It is so cheerful and lovely, and you are close to finished! Good work.