Monday, January 28, 2019

String Piecing Class

I had so much fun in Kevin the Quilter's class! The class was his pattern "Goodnight, Darleen!" which features string piecing.
Image credit: Kevin the Quilter

String piecing is very liberating! There were six students of all abilities and tastes, and I think we all really enjoyed the class. We accomplished all that Kevin had planned for us, and the timing worked out well. Here's what we made:

We started with diagonal strata blocks which will function as setting triangles.

Then we went on to Economy blocks. I especially like how the centers end up floating just a tiny bit.

Our third block was the raw-edge appliqued circle block.

Then we finished up with border strips. The pattern calls for lots of border strips, but the effect really sparkles.

If you know me, you know that quilty engineering, structure, planning, and precision are more my thing. The reason I took this string piecing class was to encourage me to loosen up and relax. Another friend was kidding around with Kevin and wished him good luck in pushing me to let go and enjoy string piecing.

I actually enjoyed the process a lot - so much so that I made some more blocks at home yesterday. I have a big box of strips and strings cut for this project and I don't want all that fabric to go to waste, so I will definitely continue to make blocks and work on this project so it doesn't become a UFO.

Thanks, Kevin!

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  1. Beautiful, Jan! I think you'll have tremendously successful sting quilts because you'll control the colors. I'm not a huge fan of anything goes, but all colors in no matter what I think the most successful string projects are ones are where color and contracts is planned/paid attention to and you do that in spades.....except for that one quilt a bit ago which just goes to show you're human ;-) What ever the color though, the bigger the variety the better :)

  2. Again, Jan, thanks for all of your encouragement, and support for this particular project. I am especially proud of you and your efforts in making this quilt. You did an amazing job with your units, and I can't wait to see your finished project. It's so nice to hear the positive feed back!

  3. Love what you've pieced so far -- and I agree with Cherie that color controlled scrappy (or something-controlled) is more successful in most cases that total willy-nilly. IF one goes for willy-nilly, though, it means going over the top and far beyond to make it work.

  4. I am not a fan of string piecing, but I really like your blocks. There's a calmness in the storm with the fabric surrounding the strings. Great start to a fun quilt!

  5. I am happy to hear that the class went well and that you enjoyed it so much. Your blocks look fantastic!

  6. Isn't Kevin fun & wonderful??!!! We at Hearts 'n' Hands love having him visit. I love your rendition in green -- my favorite color. Keep sewing!

  7. Oh, how I love the prices and parts to your version of Goodnight, Darlene!!

  8. Your strings look great in the soft greens and neutrals! I've heard Kevin's classes are really fun, you lucky duck :)