Monday, January 14, 2019


...but nothing exciting to look at or speak of.

The puzzle is still occupying the dining table.

I pieced the backing for the Paddington Bear baby quilt.

And I've been working on quilting Pickle Dish, which is slow going and cumbersome. I'm quilting around the outside and inside of each arc, continuing through the intersections to make a full circle. I now have five rings done.

I started with the center ring and I'm working my way out toward the edges of the quilt. I thought it would get easier with less bulk nearer the edges, but it gets bulkier to quilt around part of the circle when most of the quilt has to squeeze through the machine.

So, boring pictures and not a lot to talk about, even though I've been productive.

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  1. Quilting doesn't always make for fun photos - but it is definitely progress.

  2. The puzzle looks like it is making steady progress! And the edges of a quilt are deceptively more difficult due to the bulk from the other side. I forget that as well.

  3. I can't wait to see your Pickle Dish all done. I think that quilt has so much personality.

  4. Walking foot quilting sure can get harder on the edges instead of easier. I swore I'd never do another big spiral that way after shoving and cursing the quilt through the harp 8,000 times. But those rings are going to look so great when it's done!

  5. Lots of good progress going on here. Thanks for sharing with Moving it Forward!