Monday, August 31, 2020

August Stash Report and Goals Update

Time is very elastic this year. Each day drags on forever, but suddenly a week or a month is over. Summer is over, and where did it go? It doesn't seem like we've been doing the safer-at-home thing for six months already, but we have. Thank goodness I have quilting and a few other things to keep me busy, but I have to admit, I'm getting bored and I sure do miss getting together with my friends. 

Since I've been spending time in the sewing room every day, let's see what the impact was on my stash report and how I did on my August goals. 

August Stash Report: 

IN this month: 8-1/2 yards for a new secret sewing project. More about this later. 

OUT this month: 7-3/8 yards (Treehouse Party 2-1/2 yards for top, 1/2 yard for binding.  Test block, 1/4 yard. Baby quilt in boy colors with X print: 2-1/4 yards for top, 1-1/2 yards for back, 3/8 yards for binding.)

IN YTD: 57-7/8 yards

OUT YTD: 103-5/8 yards

YTD Net Change: 45-3/4 yards out


August Recap: 

1. Confirm Sandy can still quilt How Many and Corona Medallion and ship the tops, backs, and batting to her. DONE. Sandy has received the package and we've discussed the quilting plans for both quilts. 

2. Continue looking for and developing a long term, complicated project. Made a disappointing test block; will put this concept on hold for awhile. 

3. Finish the Treehouse Party baby quilt.  DONE.

4. Piece and quilt another baby quilt. DONE (Boxed X with spirals)

5.  Find a UFO to work on and move it forward. Not done. 

September Goals: 

1. Make progress on the secret sewing quilt intended as a Christmas gift. This project involves piecing a pixelated picture, with a lot of cutting and a lot of seams. This takes the place of my search for a complex long term project. 

2. Piece a Log Cabin Triangles quilt to hang in our family room hallway. There is an older, darker quilt there now, but we need to lighten and brighten up the area. LCT has a lot of light low volumes in it. I'll need to shop for more fabrics, both LV and colors. Oh, darn, I have to go fabric shopping.  ;-)

3. If time permits, piece and quilt another baby quilt for Operation Shower.

4.  If time permits, find a UFO to work on and move it forward.

With two big projects, and some other non-quilty stuff going on this month, I'm limiting the list of goals to only these few. Because of the secret sewing and the other non-quilty stuff going on, I may not blog as frequently this month. If I go radio silent for a few days, that's why. 

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  1. I love your goal setting which I am horrible at! All your projects inspire me as well, thank you!