Friday, August 7, 2020

Treehouse Party Progress

Remember a couple weeks ago I started playing with this cute treehouse party print and these coordinating fabrics from stash:

I've been working on this project and here's how it's coming along. 

The center is large plain blocks to feature the print. Those blocks finish at 9-1/2" to maximize the use of the fabric. The sashing is 1-1/2" wide. 
Building out medallion style, I added some HSTs to frame the center. 
Then another border of the stripe:
And finally a border of the featured print. This required some math and some partial seams in order to make WOF strips work, and I used up every inch of the print that I had. 
The final flimsy came out to about 45" square. I have a piece of dark green flannel given to me by a friend that I'll use for the backing. I have just enough of the stripe left for binding, which will look great with both sides of the quilt. 
I'll get some better outdoor photos after this is quilted and finished. 

Note - until now I haven't had trouble with the new Blogger, but today it's giving me trouble with formatting. Yeesh, why can't they leave well enough alone?!!!


  1. What a great way to feature that sweet print; I'm glad you were able to use up every inch of it in the quilt top. The stripe will make the perfect binding / finishing touch.

  2. Very nice! I love the print, and this showcases it nicely. The stripe is a great coordinate, too.

  3. That turned out super cute, Jan! I feel your frustration with NEW Blogger. I was having trouble with photo placement in my latest post. :o((

  4. I enjoyed seeing your process as you put this quilt top together to feature that neat print! I've had some weird formatting issues with Blogger today, too, as I tried to write a new post. Otherwise I haven't had any trouble getting used to it either.

  5. LOVE. IT! I have a collection of that sage-y green and have trouble finding a place to use it. Re Blogger, my latest beef is it assumes you want the largest pictures which will go over the side bar (not to mention show up flaws in your work!) and it won't center, even though the option is there if I click on the photo. So I solved the centering by clicking on the 3 dots and using the alignment button there.

  6. I agree they need to leave Blogger alone. I couldn't get any of my photos to be centered. It was either left, 1/4" from left or right. It had been working fine before.

    I bought some of that cute print that you used too.

  7. I had trouble with my most recent post - it kept wanting to create my text as a hyperlink. I'm sure they're just working out the kinks, but having to keep figuring it out is annoying.

  8. Wow - adding that half square to the blocks really makes that fabric shine!! and right? the changed it, we got used to it - now leave it for a few years!!