Monday, August 3, 2020

July Stash Report and Goals Update

Ho hum, another month of 2020. Boring. Virus cases are on the rise in our area and we're still staying home except for groceries, etc. We're still doing only take out once a week; we haven't dined in a restaurant since March 4. We've been doing a lot of cooking. DH is fully retired as of July 31 so I expect he'll do a little more of the cooking; he's a good cook and he enjoys it occasionally. Me - I'm tired of meal planning.

I play in the sewing room for awhile every day. I've been making baby quilts that will eventually go to Operation Shower, and I finished my bright strippy spiral quilt that I'm keeping. I had some fabric usage and also some incoming this month, but the stash report still looks good for the year. 

July Stash report: 
IN this month: 6-3/4 yards (3-3/4 yards Kaffe print for backing. 3 yards solids)
OUT this month: 15 yards (Little Birds 1-1/4 yards backing and 3/8 yard binding. Bright Strippy Spiral, 5-1/2 yards for top, 3-5/8 yards backing and 5/8 yard binding. Positively Peachy 2-1/4 yards top, 1-1/4 yards backing, 3/8 yard binding.)

IN YTD: 49-3/8 yards
OUT YTD: 96-1/4 yards
YTD Net Change: 46-7/8 yards out

My stash could use some refreshing. Since I've been working with what's on hand so much lately, I'm getting bored with what I have. 

July Recap
1. Piece backing for Corona Medallion. If backing for How Many arrives, ship everything to Sandy for quilting. Progress - Backing for Corona Medallion is pieced; backing for How Many was received last week; need to double check with Sandy and ship everything to her. 
2. Find fabric, piece backing, baste and quilt Bright Strippy Spiral. DONE
3. Quilt Little Birds baby quilt. DONE
4. Plan a more complicated quilt and start piecing it. Progress, maybe??? I'm looking at Jen Kingwell, Freddie Moran, and X and Plus quilts for inspiration. Made one test block, a disappointment.
5. Piece and quilt another baby quilt. DONE, Positively Peachy
6. Find a UFO to work on and move it forward. No progress. I have very few UFOs left, and most are large-ish flimsies at the Needs to be Basted stage. Crawling around on the floor basting is painful for my knees. 

August Goals:
1. Confirm Sandy can still quilt How Many and Corona Medallion and send the tops, backs, and batting to her. 
2. Continue looking for and developing a long term, complicated project. 
3. Finish the Treehouse Party baby quilt.
4. Piece and quilt another baby quilt. 
5.  Find a UFO to work on and move it forward.

At the rate I'm going, I'm finishing about two baby quilts a month. Baby quilts are the perfect size to use FQs, etc. from my stash, baste on a table top, and quilt myself on my domestic machine. I'll have quite the pile of baby quilts for Operation Shower whenever I'm able to pass them along! 

I'm also putzing around with test blocks and potential ideas for a new project, but nothing has been successful so far. I'll keep playing in EQ and making test blocks until something jells. If nothing else, I'll at least end up with plenty of orphan blocks! 

All in all, I expect August to be just like July, more of the same sameness for awhile. Thank goodness I have my quilting to keep me busy! 


  1. I love all the quilts you have made, especially the plus!

  2. I like both the calm colors and the bright spiral. A stimulus package for your stash could spark inspiration! The downside to fully retiring now is that the celebrations are different -- if they're celebrated at all.