Friday, October 4, 2013

My quilts made it into The Quintessential Quilt 2013!

The Quintessential Quilt 2013 is the St. Louis area's premiere juried and judged quilt show. It hangs in the U-City library during most of October, and it's free.

Yesterday I helped with the preparations necessary to hang the show.  It was a busy day, and when I left at 4:15 they were almost ready for the crew of helpers coming in at 6 to hang the quilts. We figured out placement of them all, which was a real jigsaw puzzle!

I'm pleased to know that my two entries made it in, Legacy and Charmed Snowballs. And as requested, Legacy is hanging near the stairs where viewers can see it closely enough to read the words on it.

Charmed Snowballs
When the show is over and the quilts are returned to me, I'll get the judge's comments.  It'll be interesting to see what they have to say about my work.
Yesterday the show chair mentioned that the judges have asked for the artist statements to be available to them during the judging process next time. She thinks Legacy, with its words and phrases, might have contributed to their curiosity.  The words are titles of stories my dad wrote in his memoir. Story here.
There are some absolutely stunning, gorgeous, incredible quilts in this show (mine pale by comparison).  If you're in the STL area and you get a chance, check it out!


  1. Charmed snowballs is, well, quite charming ;)

  2. Your work is wonderful! Many people will enjoy them!
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