Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday 10/16/13: Grrr - a Metameric Match

Maybe I'm a lot pickier about color than a lot of people, having worked as a colorist for many years.  My job was critiquing color samples and approving the match.

There is a color phenomenon caller metamerism.  This is when two objects match color under one lightsource but don't match under another.  It's especially common with khaki and olive shades.  You may have purchased khaki pants in the fluorescent-lit store and noticed when you got them home they looked more pinkish in your indoor incandescent light.  A layman's term for this is flare - your khaki pants flared red.

I found solids to go with this cute Riley Blake print called SCOOT at a nearby national chain store.  I'm using them to make a D9P.   Here are the blocks started so far, ready for cutting.

In the store, under fluorescent lights, the green was a good hue match to the dark green in the print. 

Yesterday was a gloomy day here and I had the lights on in my sewing room, which I usually don't need to do in the daytime.  I found that the green turned olive; it flared brown. Grrr...  
Oh well, too late now; it'll have to do anyway. Like I said, maybe I'm too picky.  It'll probably turn out fine. 
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