Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stash Report Sunday 10/27/13

I went to Paducah this week and I shopped for fabric. I bought a lot.  

But in my defense I had a list and I pretty much stuck to it except for a couple of remnants from the sale table. I even found enough yardage of one of my list items on the sale table. So, two backings, a border, an accent, some pale ground, half-yards of three green prints, and several other pieces on my list came home with me.  I haven't totaled up the yards; the dollars were bad enough. But it's all good and I have plans for what I got.

I scored THE PERFECT backing for my Dresden project:
The Dresden project & backing
It couldn't be better if the project were inspired by this fabric!  The Dresden project isn't coming along very well because it involves hand applique and my left hand is really bothering me these days. I can only manage stitching one length of thread every couple of days, and one length of thread is about four of those points. But that chevron backing fabric is so perfect - I love it!

So - the stash report: Lots of yardage in this week! I'll total up the amounts in and out for October and post the numbers next week.  It will definitely be way more in than used this month!

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  1. I love fabric shopping in Paducah! - did you go to Hancocks of Paducah or other shops? I must admit to only shopping at Hancocks of Paducah when I go there. I try to go about every other year to the show, hit the vendors and the store. I am about five and a half hours from there so stay overnight. I really should go sometime when the show isn't taking up my time and spend more time looking around also.

  2. My rule is if I buy something and it has a definite plan for its use, it doesn't get added as an addition to my stash. Works wonders on the numbers, and I still have motivation to NOT buy what I won't be using. I like your Dresden project!