Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random stuff from my busy quilty week, and Stash Report 10/6/2013

Random quiltiness #1:
On Tuesday my hand Piecing Group met. I had only one of two blocks finished, and the hostess is on a deadline, so I definitely let her down.  (The arthritis/tendonitis etc. in my hands has flared up again, and I've been over-doing it, and so much hand sewing is hurting my hands.)  I did get the block finished and delivered to her today, so I'm off the hook now.
not finished on time

Random quiltiness # 2:
On Thursday several of us worked on prepping to hang the quilt show in the U-City library. First task, photograph each quilt; I think we had 66 of them. My dad's quilt made it into the show, and while it was being photographed, we took this snapshot of me with it.
me with dad's quilt
After photos all morning and a break for lunch, we spent the afternoon laying out the quilts to determine their placement and locations. We managed to fit them all in, in pleasing groupings within the spaces available. What a jigsaw puzzle!  I left late in the afternoon but a fresh crew of helpers came in during the evening and hung them.
Random quiltiness #3:
Yesterday the STLMQG met, a change from the usual schedule, but it was a particularly good meeting, with a panel discussion about writing patterns and submitting them for publication. Lots of good info that's helpful for me. Lots of great show & tell, too, including this:
Jolene's snowball quilt

One of the members, Jolene, followed my Charmed Snowballs tutorial and made this sweet baby quilt. I'm so flattered that she liked my tutorial! I think she mentioned the fabric line but I didn't write it down and I can't remember, sorry. I love how she used green for the accent color. Too cute!

Random quiltiness #4:
This afternoon the official opening program and reception for the quilt show was held. The show looks great; there are some absolutely stunning quilts in it. Here's just a random shot of the gallery.
The Quintessential Quilt 2013
Many of the guests at the program & reception are guild members and friends so it was a good time. The program was presented by Lynne Tyler, "Who Knew 5 Quilts Could be So Heavy", an entertaining and touching story about her quilting journey. Lynne blogs at The Patcherie Menagerie.

Random quiltiness #5:
Stash report: 3 yards in this week. I'll total up the ins and outs at the end of the month.  I did finish a top that I'll be able to count, but I can't show it on the blog because it's for my book proposal. 
Cute grey dot

The 3 yards in was all this cute little charcoal grey dot.  No info on the selvage; it came from Hancock's. I think it'll be pretty versatile and it was a good value. I actually took all on the bolt!

OK, I've been busy lately, with lots of events and meetings.  This week will be quieter - I hope - and a little more relaxed. My plans are to continue working on the table runner project (come back for Design Wall Monday tomorrow), bee blocks, and the Dresden Rows project, and also to continue work on the book proposal.

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