Monday, August 24, 2015

DWM: The Layered Look

The flying geese top is still on the design wall because it's pressed and I don't want it to get wrinkled. So to use the wall, I pinned up a flannel-backed tablecloth over the FG top. Voila, the layered-look design wall. DH noticed and commented that I need a bigger studio.

So, what's on the wall?
Projects layered on design wall
The blocks laid out are the alternate block from the last QF First Saturday BOM. I swapped out a couple of blocks I didn't like and added a pair made from stash. I can see that I need to move the blocks around a bit for better color placement.

The plan is to add a dark narrow stop border and a 6" wide leafy print border to make a sofa quilt. I'm thinking of changing to a 4 x 5 layout instead of 4 x 6.  With a 4 x 5 layout the finished dimensions will be 63" x 75" which is a good size for a sofa quilt. It may become a Christmas present. If I find a not-quite-camo woodsy or leafy print for the border, it'll be perfect. I'll need to purchase inner and outer border fabric for this one.

The main blocks from the same QF First Saturday BOM are these:
QF First Saturday Main Blocks
My plan for them is to do something like this, again a sofa quilt which will finish at 60" x 75":
I need to get ivory tone-on tone and something dark for the sashing for this one. I have a border print that might work for the outer border, or I may have to purchase additional fabric for the border.
My plan is to get these planned, purchased, and cut so I can assemble the tops in September.

Planned fabric acquisitions in order to move projects from UFO status to finished are acceptable (even though my stash report takes a hit), right? 

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Check out the other quilty inspiration over there.


  1. Buying fabric to finish a project is totally acceptable! :)

  2. Layering the design wall is brilliant. I may do that sometime.

  3. Oh, darn, you need to shop! You might want to hold DH to his comment, too. Pretty blocks. I'm with you on the size for a sofa quilt.

  4. Brilliant idea to layer the wall. There just never seems to be enough design wall space. Those UFOs are going to finish out beautifully. Sometimes we have to buy to finish things off. Hopefully what comes in for the UFOs will go right back out!