Monday, August 17, 2015

WIP: B-Ball Plus Donation Quilt

Not on my design wall today, but on my design ironing board:
Basketball Plus Donation Quilt WIP

Back in July when I was prepping for camp, I cut, laid out, and organized this project to take with me, in case I finished the flying geese top and needed something else to work on. This is a donation quilt suitable for an older boy, in masculine colors and patterns including a basketball print. After I finished the FG flimsy last week, I pulled this out to work on over the weekend. Easy no-brainer sewing, since it was already organized. I was able to get all the rows sewn, and some of them joined together. Here they are laid out on my ironing board.

The reason it's not on the design wall is because the design wall is occupied. The FG flimsy is all pressed and I don't want to fold it up and get it all wrinkled, so I'll leave it on the wall until I'm ready to layer and baste it.
One more gratuitous pic of the FG flimsy,
because I really, really like this project!
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  1. I like the touch of novelty fabric in your plus quilt. What a rgeat way to use a novelty without making it too childish for an adult that loves something that may be perceived as a kid print.

  2. I can understand leaving a large quilt up on the design wall until it is basted; I do the same thing! I like the donation quilt and can appreciate a fast and fun project after a larger one like you just pieced. :) It looks like you'll be having several finishes soon.

  3. Jan, your flying geese quilt is stunning. I might just have to make my own version of this one. You are right... your plus quilt will be perfect for an older boy. It's a great donation quilt. Thank you for doing this.